Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Graftobian Silver Glitter Eyes & Lip Palette Giveaway!

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another tutorial! I've been making a bunch of new videos in the last 2 weeks to get back into the swing of things. Poking yourself in an eye with an eyeliner brush and seeking medical treatment for it (happened a few weeks ago) can really be a set-back on making Makeup Tutorials, lol.

This is a look I've been meaning to do for a while. I wore this look to a Magazine release party a few weeks ago. It seems to come at the perfect time since glitter on the eyes have been rocked by quite a few celebrities lately - i.e. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry at the MTV VMA's the other day.

I used the professional makeup line Graftobian Cosmetics to show you how versatile this brand can be - from theatrical to everday glamour.

Check out the video tutorial!

Here's What I Used (All Graftobian Unless Otherwise Mentioned):

-white cream foundation
-white whip e/s
-black smoke e/s
-dark chocolate e/s
-cosmetic powdered metal - silver
-glitter glam in opal confetti
-cake liner in jet black
-black velvet kohl liner
-natural beige e/s
-bliss 128 lashes

-soft orange corrector
-oxyderm moisturizer
-HD Glamour Cream super palette in WARM
-Dual finish powder foundation
-Warm Blush Palette - Peach Sunset blush
-Warm Creme e/s (highlight)

-Graftobian Lip Palette - Vanilla Spice lipgloss and Sandalwood Lipstick (I accidentally said I used Spice lipstick in the tutorial but I used a different one)

Giveaway Alert Giveaway Alert Giveaway Alert!!!!!!!!
Edit: Contest has been extended to give more of you a chance to win. I will announce the winners on Monday's post (9/21/09). Good luck!

Today I will be giving away Graftobian's Super Lip Palette. This amazing palette has 18 very wearable shades. I have been using this a lot lately and really love it. One of the shades is even modeled after MAC's famous Spice lip pencil. This is valued at $64.99 but I'm giving it away at no charge! Thank you to Graftobian for generously sponsoring this. It was recognized in In Style Magazine (J-Lo on the cover) this month as a must have product. It's amazing for a Makeup Artist's kit as well as for anyone who loves lippies.

How To Win: To win all you have to do is be a follower on this blog and leave a comment telling me why you'd like to win. I'll announce the winner on Friday's post! Good luck!

Atlanta Makeup Artist


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melblue19 said...

i really want to have that amazing palette and try so many different colors on my lips..

lifeis. said...

love this tutorial! I tried out this look for my birthday last night.. and it was hella cute.. thanks girl!


I have always been a nude/brown lip color type of girl. I had a consultation with a professional make up company and asked the artist to recommend some bright colors for me. Her reply; women of color should not wear red lips, pink lips etc. She suggested that I stick with nudes and brown colors; her being the professional I took her advice. I no longer agree with her and I have slowly started to experiment with lip colors. This palette has a wide variety of colors and I would love to win it so that I can find what works for me and not rely on what someone says I should or should not wear. Thanks for the opportunity!

reginax3 said...

I would love to win this palette because I'm an aspiring MUA and I would love to try this palette out. I try to empower women by helping them feel beautiful. I currently work with women from shelters, women who have been abused. This would be a great product to try.

Thanks for the giveaway! I hope I win!

Love your tutorial! :]

shannons said...

I'd love the chance to win this palette as I'm always buying lipsticks and they always seem to be in the same shade.. It would be a great way for me to try new looks. I love your reviews- I bought the mud mask and I LOVE IT! So I know you only recommend quality products- keep up the great work!

Gabriela said...

I would love to win because I'm a makeup lover (lawyer, acttualy, studing to become a judge) and I'have been dreaming about graftobian products since I first watch you on youtube. Here in Brazil is very difficult to find graftobian and very expensive too, so please help me!!!!!

Pamela Coman said...

Hi Ren! I'd like to win because where I live, do not get this brand and is expensive to buy over the Internet for me, so I would be very grateful if I could win

beautylogicblog said...

YOu look stunning! we need to talk about you doing the makeup for my wedding next year. I'm loving way too many of your looks!

Casting Chick said...

I would love to win this so I can explore different color options instead of my usual neutrals.

Susie said...

I love the smokey look with a pop of silver. It is very stylish. I would like to win this pallet to try out the colors. I have med/tan color and i usually pick a lot of lip colors that doesn't accent my makeup. It's bummer for me but my friends love it since they benefit. It's a cycle. I see that this palette has pinks, mauves, berries, and nudes. With variety, i can blend new colors to accent my skintone. Thanks supporting and giving us the opportunity to try new things out.

MakeupByAmberRashid said...

this is such a sexy night look... i cant wait to try it. this lippie palette looks so amazing!

Nina from Paris said...

Hello Ren, I would like to win this palette because it is a very nice on and also because I never win anything.;)

chocobon said...

OMG Ren I would love to win this palette because I love all the colors in it and because I am your biggest fan in the United Arab Emirates!

mersiaxiong said...

I would love to win this giveaway because I don't own any lipstick. So if I win this lip palette it would be great and I'll get to try on all those colors.

abbeydoo13 said...

i'd like to win because i'm an eye person and want to try a change

bubblesforbubble said...

I would really like to try this palette because I always seem to stick within my comfort zone of lippies and their colors. I want to branch out, but at the same time, I'm afraid to waste a bunch of money buying product after product and finding out that they just don't work well on me. Its a beautiful palette, btw!

LEONNA said...

Hope I win this...I've been thinking about ordering it.

fupoki said...

I'd love to win this because I don't have that many lip colors.. and the colors in this look amazing!!

bgbb1993 said...

I LOVE the lip palette because like you said, it has tons of colors for almost any look that you would try to go for. And OMG girlfriend i was going to mention jennifer lopez and graftobian but you already said it in the video! LOL. Anyways, i love the creamyness and everything about the graftobian. And in your videos you practicaly use the pallette almost everytime you do tutorials so obviously its the best! LOL. hope i win. haha

Mary Collette said...

I first want to say that I luv your tutorials and your blog. I am a makeup junkie, but being Asain (filipino) i am often hesitant to experiment with fun colors, especially on my eyes. I tend to stick to nutrals. So, your fun and beautiful eyeshadow looks are life savers 8).

Now, the reason I would like to win the eye and lip palette:
I don't want to sound like a sob story, but this is the truth. My dad passed away last friday (september 11th) and I would like to give the palette to my mom as a gift because she's an amazing, strong women who deserves the best but she rarely treats herself. I think she would luv this, and it's definitely something she needs and would use. Plus, I could always ask her to borrow it every once and awhile 8p But seriously, thank you for this chance to win this great gift and for making makeup so easy 8)

Mary Collette

Jaylyn said...

I would love to win this palette so that I can have a chance to play with a lot off different lip colors and expand my creativity.

Charmy said...

I would love to win this! I am in the process of building up my kit and i am hearing such great things about this brand

Jolie86 said...

Hey Ren.....I would LOVE to win the pallete because I have so much trouble finding sades that actually work for my complection. I love to experiment with color and as a result, I have wasted tons of money on products that just dont on that note....PICK ME-PICK ME-PICK ME....LOL

makeupper said...

Love your makeup!!

I would love to win because this would be an amazing palette to have in my kit. I love the foundation palettes Graftobian makes and have been dying to get the lip palette too!

Thanks for this giveaway!

Alina said...

Hey Ren!

I would love to win this lip palette because I am an aspiring makeup artist and this would be a wonderful addition to my makeup kit. I can just imagine all the endless possibilities to create looks with these pretty lip colors :)

Thanks Ren for this giveaway!

Aishah said...

I would like to win because I am a mama who love, love, LOVES playing up her lips! As a mom, I can't always buy what I want, though. It would be totally awesome to win. Good luck all.

Jalaea said...

Went on your site to find a cute party look (which i will be trying out tomorrow) and saw the contest..YAY!

Would love to try an entire lip palette, a little scared to venture off from my basic liner and plain gloss..


Melissa Rose said...

That amazing of you for giving this away!

I would love to win, simply because I LOVE lipsticks and lip products. They are my favorite out of any makeup product. I hope to win :)

Thanks for the mini contest!


MakeupByAmberRashid said...

yaaaaaaay for extended contests!!!

melissa said...

I love the tutorial, you look amazing!

I would really love to win this lip palette, I am a mother of 3 amazing children, whom I always put first, with that being said many times I go without trying new and fun makeup because I dont want to spend the extra money. I would love to be able to try some of the great, fun makeup that I see you use. Your looks are always so flattering and so fun and colorful! I really don't have many lip products, thats usually the area I skimp on.

Thank you for another FABULOUS giveaway :)

mistyn3 said...

I would like to win this because I have been unemployed since Feb and have not been able to purchase any make-up. I never buy lip products and have hardly any. I'm trying to put together my pro kit to freelance with no money and have been struggling. This would help a lot. I wish I could find a company to sponsor me. That would be awesome!

TalulaB said...

I need some lip colours to start off my collection and let me experiment

Katie Ms. Cocktail Smarty said...

Hey Ren Ren!

What an amazing giveaway! I would adore to win this palette! I have recently started doing some free lance work as a mua... however I have NO kit, I am trying to slowly build it up but it gets so expensive. Your videos are so inspiring and you always teach me something new! This palette would be a HUGE help in my new venture as a MUA! Thanks for all your wonderfull tips and this great giveaway!

xoxo Katie

Mets GirLL said...

You always have fab giveaways!

I would love to try out this palette. Now that I'm student teaching I hate waking up even earlier to do a detailed eye look so I really want to play up my lips. I would LOVE to give this and this brand a try.

Michélle said...

I'm starting to work as a makeup artist (free lance) and I am lacking so much in lipsticks. It's slightly emarassing that I don't have lipstick shades that suits all types of women.- And getting that is so far out of my budget right now. This would be sent from Heaven! :)
Thanks for having this great contest!

makeup_fetish said...

I would love to win this, Ren. I am still trying to build my makeup kit (as I am an aspiring MUA) and this would be a wonderful edition to what I have. Thanks!

binish said...

Hey ren,

gorgeous tutorial, I'm gonna try it for our EID holiday comin up!
I would love to win this palette because I'm a beginner at makeup and it would be fun to experiment with diff colors.
Thanks for havin this giveaway

Jamie said...

I would like to win this giveaway because I never really tried the lip palettes because I have never really found one that gives a wide range of colors like this one. It also won't be to bad to win since last Sunday was my birthday :)I will also link this giveaway for you through my twitter and blog!!

yankilady said...

heyyy its allyy heree.. [=
<3 ur vidss.
wudd la la la love to win thiss..
i need more makeup i dont rle have a lott..
goodd girlss !! n posibly guys -__-

jamiee said...

i would love to win bc i hardly ever do anything but chapstick on my lips :)

yankilady said...

ally heree again lmao...
i meant to sayy good LUCK girls !!!n possibly guyss haha

Letybid said...

Hi Renren,
I'm a makeup artist in Spain, I've been watching your Youtube videos for a long time now and enjoy them all, asked you for the airbrush series and love the ones you've posted (thank you for that). I would loooove to win this palette because I've been wanting to try Graftobian out so badly since I've watched your vids and seen other comments from fellow artists, but the shipping charges to Spain are so high :( , I do a lot of brides so the nudes and pinks are just perrrrfect for my kit..please, please, please help this colleague out. THANK YOU!!!

xoxAEZxox said...

hey ren,
just saw that the contest was extended until Monday. I was soo eager to get home from work and check if I won! LOL. guess I'll just have to cross my fingers for 3 more days! good luck to everyone!!!

soulxamazing said...

Hey Ren Ren :)
I would like to win because, I love doing photo shoots & weddings! Carrying a whole bunch of individual lipsticks can be a drag sometimes! but, in the pallet it has all the colors a girl should need/use :)

thanks for having this give away renren!


angel2001_le said...

hi, ren. I'd love to win this because I'd love to branch out and try different lipstick colors. I normally stick to my beloved nudes but i've heard a lot of great things about graftobian so i would love to try this product! hopefully i win, and goodluck to everyone else.

chamichams said...

OMG! First of all I love palettes. Whether its eyeshadow palettes, foundations palettes, cream base palettes. This just makes organization so much easier. So to have a lip palette which is outstanding in quality would be awesome. I am a budding make-up artist and whenever I do make-up whether on my friends or models I notice the lips are not quite the color I wanted them to be. So this palette would be a God send! I have around 7 lipsticks I play around with so this would definitely allow me to experiment more.

Thanks Ren! And keep on inspring!

MAYRA said...

I'd like to win the lip palette pretty please =); I absolutely LOOOOVE everything that is make up; the colors on this palette look beautiful, I've never heard of Graftobian,(but I saw how much you said it costs and unfortunately, I can't afford it right now).

BTW, I really like this look, looks really nice, especially since the holidays are coming up soon =) (it's also awesome to see glitter being brought back, I have TONS of glitter from back in the day =)

Makeup Mommy said...

Hey Ren, thanks again for another great contest! I would love to win this awesome palette! I've been planning to add Graftobian palettes to my kit, but times are hard and I need to weigh my priorities right now. I'm crossing my fingers to win this contest!


SwtSakura85 said...

I would love to win this palette because I really don't have many lip products and I think it's great that you have all these different shades all in one!

MUA Dee Dee said...

i would like to win this beautiful lip palette because i am a new emerging artist in the industry. I do not have much much and I am saving and working hard to invest in more palettes, shadows, concealers, foundations and such. Plus this palette is simply beautiful and i have never had the chance to try graftobian. The arrange of colors would put a slight delay on me having to purchase so many lipsticks to suit all skin tones. All in all it would just help me start my career and boost my clientele!!!! Thanks Ren for the chance and thank you Graftobian for such lovely products!!!!

University Guuuuurrrl said...

i would love to win this giveaway because i mostly have light colored lipsticks and it would be great trying something different! :)

Salena said...

Hi Ren! I'd like to win this palette because i'm trying to grow my makeup collection but I don't have the resources to do so, this lip gloss palette would be a large addition and MUCH APPRECIATED addition to my collection.
i'd be so happy, its so amazing and i was droooling over this while looking at your blog post.

thank you SO much for doing all these generous giveaways.

ActSingFashion said...

Hey Ren! <3

I would really LOVE to win this palette because honestly I haven't had the chance to try out Graftobian cosmetics! After seeing your videos always promote them, I would sooooo LOVE even just one thing from them! Anyways, TYVM for this awesome easy opportunity for us makeup lovers try Graftobian! <3

Linda said...

i would like to win this giveaway because i never tried Graftobian cosmetic before and i would love to try out Graftobian palette. its such a great way for me to get more used to makeup and be more open to products like Graftobian.

thankyou for having such a lovely giveaway. xoxo

Linda Truong

Sofia said...

i would love to win this palette because i am a makeup artist just starting out and this would be the best thing to have in my kit

Joyce Angelica said...

Hey Ren!

I would love to try this palette because I am interested in trying new companies' products out! I like wearing bright bold colors so this is perfect for me! Thanks for these contests, Ren!

shellv88 said...

I would love to win this giveaway because I've heard alot of outstanding reviews about Graftobian products and would love to try them out. It will be great for my makeup kit since I don't have many lip products. Thanks for being so generous and for having this awesome giveaway!

Chaotic ♥ Nothinggss said...


Di said...

I would love to win this! i love to experiment with different colors and this palette is perfect for that~! Thank you :)

Jaskiran said...

Hey RenRen! I would like to win because i have medium toned skin with yellow undertones and haven't found any lips colors that I like. I'm a little timid when it comes to trying new lip colors. I think the range of colors in this pallete will help me find something that would look good on my skin. Thanks!

Nina from Paris said...

Hi Ren,

Thanks for so many giveaways.
I hope I can win this palette this time.
Thanks so much!!!

Hana Bear said...

Hi RenRen! Thank you for having this giveaway. I would love to win the Graftobian lip palette. I'm starting to do makeup for friends and family and this palette would help me try out colors I don't have. I've been watching your youtube video and am very excited about this company. There is no makeup supply company in Vancouver, BC that carries this line.

Robbie said...

I love make up but have no clue on how to apply it. I love the smokey eye look and always dreamed of it.
I like your blog and I hope to learn more about make up and try some of your techniques. Thank you

ashleync said...

Hey Ren!
I would love to win the palette, b/c I have been working on building up my mua kit, and I would like to try the Graftobian lip products. I have bought 2 of their foundation palettes on your recommendation, and I loved them. Now i'd like the chance to try out the lip products also. Thanks!
- Ashley

Patricia Kozack said...

Hi Ren Ren,
I follow your blog and tweets! Love all your tutorials. I am a fellow makeup artist but haven't started using Graftobian yet. Would love to get my hands on this to test it out before making a purchase.



Letícia Ribeiro said...

Hi, Ren Ren!

I'd love to win this palette because I love lip products and I heard so many good things about Graftobian and its high quality products...this would be a great opportunity to try them out!

prettybrowneyes85 said...

I would love to win this palette because I want to do some freelance work and this would be great to jumpstart my kit. And I want to try other brands besides MAC.

And thanks for the giveaway! Love your youtube channel!

jamie said...

love to have the palette because you cant find a lip palette with so many amazing colors!:D

jenn-jenn said...

Hello Ren!
You're so generous for doing this giveaway! Thank you ever so much!

I would LOVE to win this giveaway because I'm new to makeup and my collection is barely starting. I'm in college and can't afford the expensive products out there so winning this would mean so much!

Again, thanks Ren!


jenn-jenn said...

Hello Ren!
You're so generous for doing this giveaway! Thank you ever so much!

I would LOVE to win this giveaway because I'm new to makeup and my collection is barely starting. I'm in college and can't afford the expensive products out there so winning this would mean so much!

Again, thanks Ren!


brenDUH said...

I'd love to win this palette because I really don't have any lip colours. I only have clear lipglosses and chapsticks. I'd love to experiment with these colours, seeing how it would turn out with my looks.

Thanks for the giveaway Ren!

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