Weekend Recap

Hi Bellas,

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? The weather in Atlanta was beautiful this weekend, it felt like spring :) Too bad it passed so quickly.

Friday night I saw the Watchmen with my crew. Ehhh I had mixed feelings about the movie. First off, it was 3 hours long! Some friends of mine really liked it...I felt they could have done a better job. The movie really could have been split into 2 feature films because there was so much going on. Oh well.

On Saturday, I had a bridal consultation. It went really well. The interesting part of a consultation is trying to marry what you recommend for a client and what the client feels comfortable with. When it comes to consultations, I try out as many color combinations as needed and try to be as patient as possible. That's why they usually run as long as 3 hours. In this case, we went with a shimmery pink/bronzey eye and a pink/brown lip. I'll post pics soon!

Saturday night I bought my contest prizes, yippy! Stay tuned for the results video on Wednesday. I had nearly 90 video entries. I would have had over a hundred but I had to decline some of the videos since they were posted after my deadline. Sorry peeps, gotta follow the contest rules! I still have about 30 videos to go through, lol, but i'll have it up on Wednesday :)

Sunday was spent assisting my BF on a photoshoot and then Mexican dinner. I have leftovers today, yum!

Meanwhile, I wanted to post pics from last Thursday when I went to a Korean restaurant with the BF. We've fallen off our Thursday dinner nights and wanted to get back on track. We always pick a place we've never been before and usually try to pick an ethnic type of food.

Time for food porn!

Dumplings - our appetizer - they came with a really yummy sauce, yum-o!

Then came the soup and sides...sorry I don't know the name!

Then our entrees--my BF copied me and got the same thing. It's a hot plate with beef and veggies and an egg. The stone bowl is super hot and cooks everything in it. I've had this before at another Korean restaurant and it was better there.
My BF caught a candid shot of me eating and on the phone...check out my Revlon press on nails!
Even though i've had better, we still finished everything!
Till next time, Ciao Bellas!