Monday, March 30, 2009

Spankadelic's Arabic Eyes Contest

Hi Bellas!

Happy Monday. This weekend was so relaxing...a bunch of my plans got cancelled so it gave me time to sleep, sleep, and sleep! I truly am back on track after my sleep-deprived week. My sorority plans were cancelled Friday night so it gave me an opportunity to participate in one of my fellow blogger's contest. I don't always get a chance to do this so I was excited to jump in!

My girl Spankadelic is celebrating her one year anniversary, yay! Part of her contest is to create a look inspired by an arabic makeup pic. My fav! I searched and searched the internet and ended up settling on a look she posted on her page. I wanted to do something uber dramatic since my last arabic eyes look was a bit more modern and understated in comparison. I also got to break out a Bindi I've been saving for years, yay!

Here is the inspiration pic:

My interpretation...I added a little extra to it .
Click on the pics to expand! You can see the picture way better!

Close Up of the Eye

Aerial view - Click on pics to enlarge

I actually filmed myself completing this tutorial and I'll have the video up in the next few weeks.

Here's What I Used:

-mineralized skinfinish natural NC42
-msf natural med dark
-strobe cream
-prep and prime
-NARS sin blush
-shadester sculpting powder
-refined msf
-nail rhinestones and bindi

-NYX black jumbo pencil
-passionate e/s
-stars makeup haven 96 palette: light pink, dark purple, black
-l'oreal carbon intense liquid liner
-feline kohl power pencil
-fascinating eye kohl
-ardell 116 lashes

-spice lip pencil
-Stila brown sugar lip glaze
-Stila vanilla lip glaze

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist


Tysh said...

You look sexy girl, I LOVE IT, you are just amazing I tell you. LOL

Rere said...

love love love this. one of my fave looks of yours ever!

Stephanie said...

hi! just bloghopping. i really love what you did with this look. i can't seem to take my eyes away from the eye makeup. love it! :)

Monique said...

Face! Face! Give me face! Love it!

Askmewhats said...

that is a super pretty Arabic eyes! :) Wonderful job!!!

jilliandanica said...

WOW! amazing job RenRen!

Katrina M said...

oooh gorgeous!!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

omg ren this is insane!
i couldn't wait to seee your look!

freakin flawless!

✿Ji✿ said...

Super pretty!<3

DSKNguyen said...

ren ren you got mad skillz

Aziajs said...

I love this. Good luck!

Amina said...

Ren the eye make up is siiick!! I loove it!

Le Midget said...

That looks so good! I loooove purples on you, like I mentioned before haha. I like what you did with the hair too.

BTW!!!! I got your package :D !!! I told my sig. fig. to go ahead and open it to see what's inside because I couldn't freakn wait! I can't want to go check it out and roll around in the goodies. Thank you so much!

Yas said...

Ren took something wonderful and made it even better! You're looking beautiful!

M said...

amazing blending as usual! you look great. good luck witht he contest!

Tina Marie Online said...

i think your look turned out way better than the inspirational look you were going for. great work! good luck (:

Dreams, colors and glitter said...

OMG you are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!! and very very talented

Tia said...

I absolutely LOVE it, Ren!! You did an awesome job.

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

u r a wonderful makeup artist... superb blending skill... i could never master blending... hahaha..

Beauty is Androgynous said...

Hey girl check your email


Bombchell said...

wow urs is really good!

Joyce said...

Ahhh I love the look!!!

Hey sis, wondering if you can plug my contest lol:

Thanks ;-)

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

beautiful, think you nailed it!

Girl with Curl said...

Oh my gosh..that looks so amazing. You did a great job copying that look.


wow i LOVE this ren! i hope you win. this is probably one of the best looks i've seen. amazing skills!

ChyiX2 said...

Can't wait for the video, this look is awesome! :)

iamsutil said...

wow..this is fab! i planned on joining too but i forgot that it ends on the 31st. :(

Kokilah Reddy said...

hi i have been following ur blog and have to say tht u have magic hands. u are so so creative n love this do. i am just following ur youti\ube to up scale my make up do. keep up this great job. god bless.

Wes said...


梅子 said...

this is amazing an di lvoe how you got creative with the background and stuff and the scarf was an awesome touch OOO and the little rinestone things awww so nice!!!

Janelle said...

Ahh perfect! I love your twist on the original look.

PrincessDiana said...

That's amazing! I like it alot

Lolly2Nice said...

You look sexy hot girl, I like it, you are just amazing I tell you. Beautifull eyes.