Makeup Bar - Vixen party

Hi Bellas!

I wanted to show you some pics of a Makeup Bar I did a few weeks ago. I enlisted fellow blogger Joy from RockStarMuA to come out and assist. It was a lot of fun but tiring too! This makeup bar had a vixen theme...the girls took a lot of picture in lingerie as gifts to their boos for Valentines Day. I couldn't show too many of the pics out of respect to their privacy, he he.

Check out the setup:

Before the madness

After - this is what happens when you're trying to hurry and do multiple ladies at once!

Check out the tat I did. I cropped the picture to give some deceny to the shot. What you can't see is that I did two of these on each booby! The stencil is an ink transfer filled in with Temptu Dura Color. Looks real huh?

Here I am filling in the tattoo.

Here's one of the ladies I did. She informed me from the beginning that she doesn't like makeup, lol. I knew that was going to be a challenge. I convinced her to go with a smokey look using grays instead of black to tone it down. One thing she told me which I thought was funny was "Did you notice that there are two dark lines on my nose?" He he, I told her "Yup, it's to contour your nose." Fun times.

Here I am touching her up after a costume change. She was wayyyy taller than me so I made her stoop down and balance on my shoulders lol.

I only have one of the shots to show you cuz a lot of the poses were lingerie shots...trying to keep this blog PG!

Here's another before and after. I had worked on this client before at another makeup bar. She wanted some fun color this time. My fav! I really worked on her skin to give her a new canvas.

What you couldn't see were her shoes...tres mignon!

This is a shot of me and joy after the job...tired! lol

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist