Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Mascara You Can Skip!

Hi Bellas,

I was given a chance to try out L'Oreal's newest mascara. Just a little background info on myself, I have teeny stick straight lashes so I need a super duper potent mascara that volumizes and lengthens.

L'Oreal's Double Extend mascara offers a primer on one end and a mascara on the other.

-Offers both primer and mascara
-Doesn't clump
-Came off easy with my Mandom remover
-Available at most drugstores

-The tube was too chunky for me to handle
-Did nothing for me in terms of volumizing and lengthening. If this mascara claimed it was for natural looking lashes I woud say it did it's job, but it didn' said it would lengthen by 80%. Yah right!
-Pricey for a drugstore mascara
-Mascara smears

My final verdict? Skip!

There are better versions out there for around the same price. I'll probably still use this to blend in falsies with my real lashes but not on it's own.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!


I H said...

If I only had read this before buying... three months ago...

thanks for the review, go girl! And hi from Mexico.

Ethereal Prey said...

wow! thanks! i was really wondering about this mascara. it sorta reminded me of the fiberwig and the blinc one which is like $24, fiberwig is awesome, no panda eyes and long lashes, no volume but i'll take it for now. thanks for the review. guess its time to shell out another $24

Girl with Curl said... less product I have to buy and end up not liking.

Askmewhats said...

YOu're not the only one who asked us to skip this! I trust ya! I will definitely give this a skip thanks! :)

Yas said...

Aww...that's too bad babes that this one didn't work out, but thanks for letting us know to skip this one. I have the same pesky eyelashes, so if you find something wonderful, please let us know!

Amina said...

thank you for the review

Amina said...

i forgot to say i was able to depot my e/s following your tutorial!! you're amazing..gracias

Ness said...

Hey Ren,

I follow ur blog often to get the latest and greatest in make up :)

I have the same issue w/ my lashes..they are short & thin & I barely have lower lashes. I tried sooooo many different brands & I tried Neutrogena's Olive Oil mascara and it did the trick! It separates, lengthens & thickens and still makes it look clumps!!! I'm on my 5tube :) and I still love it... I get my from the drug stores like duane reade or cvs

Another one I like was Benefit's Bionic mascara, but it's about $20 at I compared the two at home & fell in love w/ Neutrogena's brand w/ the olive oil in it.

BTW: FYI: The Hello Kitty line is out at MAC :)

dana said...

hey you! just wanted to let you know and thank you for your tutorials.. love your blog girl! keeep up the good job... im actually learning alot... well hopefully i can become a makeup artist one day..hehe. well yea ttyl!


Nu Nu Doll said...

Thanks for the suggestion Ren Ren! I have the same kind of eyelashes! :)

ko0ty said...

I have stick straight lashes as well and NO mascara works for me!!

iamgrape1119 said...

You should try Max Factor 2000 calorie extreme lash plumper! It works SOOOO well!

Mina said...

Thanks for the heads up... where's your post on the Hello Kitty line, hmm? ;-)

Tigress or Tame? said...

Ew, I have this too and its ok but it does't do what it claims to do. But you are right, they are good for blending falsies.

Wes said...

I could'nt agree w/ you MORE... I bought this mascara after reading a review on another blog that raved about it. I've only worn it that one time. It didn't do ANYTHING for me. Such a waste.

FuN and MakeUp said...

i always have a hard time wit mascaras.. its either too thick for me too not too good haha how come we cant add u on followers.. u should have it up! hehehe