Monday, February 2, 2009

Influenced by Kimberly Tia and Pink!

Hi Bellas!

Sorry I'm a little late posting this entry. I had a doctor's appointment this morning and am just now getting to typing this.

I tell yah, our fellow bloggers can be really convincing when it comes to buying new products. Lately, I've been super intrigued by asian beauty products. I can't wait till my trip in May to the Philippines so that I can go on an Asian Beauty Spending Spree!

In the last week I picked up 3 of the most talked about products on the blog scene: BB Cream, Mandem Makeup Remover, and Lucido Curling Spray.

I've tried some of the products out so far and here are my thoughts:

Legere BB Cream:
I picked this because it seemed to be the darkest one and I'm usually NC42-43. I think right now I'm about NC40. Unfortunately, I tried this and it's still too light for me :( I have to put on a darker powder on top for me not to look weird. I like being my natural color so I'm afraid I'm going to have to sell this baby. So sad. Stay tuned for my entry on an upcoming makeup garage sale. Besides that, it has a thick consistency so you really don't need more than a dime sized amount which is a good thing! It did a pretty good job of covering up marks and discoloration. I love how it has makeup base and sunscreen built in. I'd say this is more for those NC35 and under.

Lucido L Curl:
Am I supposed to spray this on my hair before or after curling? I tried both but I'm not sure, lol. It seems like it's working but I need proper directions before I give a final review. Help me Kim Tia! Besides that, it's a water like consistency and smells nice and fresh :)

Mandem Makeup Remover:
I didn't realize it, but I picked up the Agecare version. Ooops! I meant to get the one for Sensitive Skin. Whoa, all the reviews were right! This stuff is the Ish! It truly looks like rice milk but it melts off all makeup including mascara and liner. The good thing about this is that it doesn't sting at all. Some oil free makeup removers have a tendency to do that. It's better than my Cleanse Off Oil from MAC since it's not as messy and you don't have to deal with it getting into your contacts. This stuff is soooo on my HG list.

Hope you enjoyed my mini review! If you guys have insight on how to apply the Lucido Aqua Curl or if there's a darker BB cream out there, let me know!

Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist


Tigress or Tame? said...

I am definitely going to try the Mandem, it sounds like just what I have been looking for! I was thinking about doing a giveaway for some of the buzzworthy Asian products soon... I'll check back with you for an updated review once you have had time to break them in!

jilliandanica said...

I picked up the Legere BB cream too but it was way too light. I find that its perfect for my undereyes though so you may wanna give it a try.

Girl with Curl said...

You are definitely right about everyone's blogs being so convincing. I used to not want to look at people's blogs or go on forums because there was would be too much temptation to go shopping.

I need to go back to the Philippines too. I haven't been since I was a baby.

Beauty is Androgynous said...

haha i blame pink for half the things i buy.

i haven't tried any bb creams yet.

A. Rose said...

I wanted to try the L'Egere BB cream for the longest time but I always knew it would be too light for me. Your mini review just confirmed it...I really hope there is a BB cream out there for NC35+!! Thanks for sharing :)

rockSTARbeauty said...

i wanna try bb cream too, but i think im too dark for it too :( that sucks man

Bel said...

RenRen, I sooo want to try the L'egere BB cream. I was thinking about getting it on Ebay like today, but since you are selling it, can you reserve it for me??

My addy is belzchan at hotmail dot com.

Askmewhats said...

Ren! You got me super interested with Mandom! LOL I would pick out the Agecare! LOL I wouldn't mind the extra "care" for the aged! LOL And sure, I'll be happy to go food tripping with you in any resto you pick out from my blog! LOL my treat :) see ya!

Sonya K. said...

Wow. You're an NC42? I would of never guessed. My summer shade is an NC40, but I'm an NC37 right now...and you look like your my skin color. Thanks for sharing your opinions on those products.

paperdollrevenge said...

You spray the curl lotion before you curl. As for the Mandom, I don't think there's a sensitive skin one...the Q10 is for age care, the Moist/pink one is for normal/dry skin, and the Sebum/green one is for oily skin. I hope that helps. =)

Kimberly Tia said...


from the mandom site for the curling lotion:

MANDOM Lucido-L Designing Aqua Hair Curl Lotion is a strong hold, but airly feeling mist type hair lotion for curls style. Contains Spring-fit prescription make your hair easily to arrange into original style. This keep your curls a long time. Reacts to the heat of the curling iron and promotes a repairing effect on the hair. Hair Care ingredients (Panthenol) to prevents the hair from damage, dryness, and leaving the hair to be smooth, moist, and beautiful. spray type. No grease.

Please out of reach of children. Place somewhere away from sunlight and warm place. Please cap clearly, after use. If you have a wound or feel irritation please do not use it. When you attach it once and feel itchy or show reddish tinge please stop use it and see a doctor. If you caught on sight wash it off with water or lukewarm water.

Stylish Green Scent, no color added.

1. Place 5~10cm away from hair and then spray an good amount on your hair thoroughly.
2. Finish off by using the curling iron or hot curler.

I'm so excited for you to try all these new products girl, and I'm glad you like the Mandom makeup remover line, it's one of my personal favorites, one of my HG's for sure. =)

let's see what else i can influence you to buy... MUWAHAHHHAHHAHHAH

MinSun said...

hey can you tell me what color mandom i should buy? for sensitive skin and dry skin? thanks

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-these products sound great, well done for sharing about them!I also just gave you an award my dear, check out my blog to choose which one you like!!

Katrina said...

hahahha... maybe it is true when u click on "follow this blogger"... i get influenced by PInk and kim too ...

that really sucks that the bb cream isn't working out for u!!i hate the fact that they are mostly designed for fair skin!! =( i'm a nc40 and it's working out nice, but i could never use that during the summer =(

Ekyn Nikiys said...

the lucidol l curl lotion is supposed to be used before curling.. same way as u use a heat protectant. i think it already have a heat protectant in it and at the same time it helps hold your curl.. its my fav curling spray.. it worked really good on my sister's hair, she has really fine and flat hair, but the spray helped making her curls last all day..

Heart Osi said...

I know this is super super late, but you can match bb creams to your skintone!!!! Just use some of your concealer to mix in with the bb cream. There are youtube videos on it and the results are just sweet.

Kofykat said...

The Missha BB cream in #27 or in #31 should suit you BTW, :-)