Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Total Beauty Total Cure Breast Cancer Campaign

Hi Guys,

My girl Kitiya from Mischo Beauty opened my eyes to a great campaign going on that starts tomorrow October 1st!

In the spirit of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, TotalBeauty.com, in partnership with its network of beauty blogs, is hosting a month-long initiative that integrates breast cancer awareness, breast cancer research fundraising and beauty giveaways to engage women in the quest for a cure.

Check out the video for more details!

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Anne @ yummiebitez.com said...

I don't have the deluxe palette but I noticed that the deluxe palette are definitely bolder and louder in color. This one has a good mix to it. I do love color, but I'm not one to wear colors that are too bright. This one can be your neutral and slightly toned down color palette, but you can still make it super bold. This palette is also waaaay bigger than the deluxe one and has brushes instead of an applicator. I found that weight is a bit on the heavy side too. But quality-wise... they're still pigmented.