Costa Rica Pics!

Hi Bellas,

So luckily my friends are on the ball with uploading their pics, because I'm basically stealing all of them to show to you all. I've taken my favorite shots of Costa Rica.

Thursday Morning, the plane ride was only about 4 hours, not too shabby. Me and my bestie Sai excited on the plane ride!

We arrived in the capital San Jose, and from there we took a 4 hour ride to our hotel in Arenal, the site of Costa Rica's most active volcano.

Volcano Lodge here we come!

The landscaping at the hotel was absolutely beautiful. Cool looking palm tree right?

This is our view of the volcano from our balcony! The volcano is night you can see the lava and during the day the little puffs of smoke.

Beautiful view of the volcano at night.

Me and the girls minus two (who will be arriving the next day) for our first dinner in Costa Rica!

We ate at La Colonial...suggested to us by the hotel desk staffers.

But the food was yuck! That was the driest Arroz Con Pollo I've ever had! Luckily the fries were okay, lol.

Enjoying our yummy breakfast buffet...rice and beans, fresh fruit, plantains...whoa how am I ever going to go back to Continental Breakfasts?

The next day we took an excursion called the volcano hike. Nope we didn't actually hike on the volcano, lol, but it was in a national forest near the volcano. Our tour guide Danny was super nice, really super duper into the science of volcanos. He ended up giving us an hour lecture about the volcano complete with a drawing in the sand, lol. Enough already! On to our hike!

The guy with the furry legs is our tour guide, lol, not one of the Get It Girls.

It was a pretty easy hike...we didn't really see too much wildlife. Except a toucan in the distance and a mini snake, lol.

After that we got to have a nice dip in the Tabacon Hot Springs...the water was up to 115 degrees and naturally heated by the volcano. Sooooo relaxing. The Spa also included a dinner buffet...but again, the food was disappointing. I mean, it was Italian night...I want some good Costa Rican Cuisine!

Pic us up in the hot springs...with random guy that jumped in our pic!

The next day we checked out and headed to Jaco Beach, our next destination. A few hours of nausea and dizziness on the van later, we arrive at our beautiful beach side condo. Talk about gorgeous! We had everything we needed including a patio 5 feet from the pool!

Shot from my bedroom's patio.

Sai and I stayed in the master...he he. This bed is deceiving it looked nice but felt like cardboard when he layed down. Luckily the large plasma TV in our room made up for it ;) We tried not to turn it up too loud at night to not make the rest of our travel mates jealous ;)

Every morning we made breakfast like a little family and ate it outside on our patio. On today's menu, french toast, eggs, and crystal light, lol.

The first item we planned to do in Jaco is ziplining! The guides took us up a mountain in a tractor in our gear.

We zipped through about 15 ziplines of varying lengths going up to 60 miles an hour. I even did it upside down with my hangs hanging free. It was a little freaky at first but once we got used to it it was exhilirating!

Getting suited up!

Group shot, we're ready!

Sai and me enjoying/drowning in the pool!

BFFs - me, alex and sai...we totally didn't mean to coordinate our yellow swimsuits!

Sarong girls! Meli, Me, and Sai

The beach was literally right across the street from our condo.

While in Jaco, we decided to take a day trip to the National Rainforest in Manuel Antonio, about 1.5 away. We signed up for a leisurely hike in the National park, along with lunch and time on the beach.

This is us before the hike.

Little did we know what we were up for! Talk about the most intense hike ever! Apparently we also did it in a third of the time because Elizabeth, top pic on the right was speed racer! LOL...we were panting and sweating something fierce! Thank goodness none of us fell down and injured ourselves. I came close though.

The easy part of the hike.

One of the cute sloths we saw up in the trees!

We finally got to take a breather and take a group pic!

After the hellish hike was over, we ate lunch and then headed to the beach. All was serene and peaceful until this lil racoon started stalking us! Here he is going through my pink backpack! The little devil went up to every bag on the beach and even came back to us a second time. After that, it was a wrap, lol.

We were able to hit up the club twice while we were there. This is us in backyard with one of the locals...our girl Elizabeth had eyes on him ;)

After that it pretty much rained and rained...and we braved the weather to hunt for souvenirs. I love bringing back local goodies so we headed to the supermarket and I picked up coffee, chocolate covered coffee beans, crackers, fruit filled rolls and more.

Last day in Costa Rica...we took one last shot outside our hotel.

It was definitely a great vacation...but now that we got the whole adventure thing out of the way, we're doing Rome next time!