I'm Back...

Hey Bellas!

Back from Costa Rica :) I missed you all! Back at work and ready to be back on vacation again, lol. I think my next trip will be in the Mediterranean with the boyfriend. I felt bad leaving him home by himself, lol.

My trip was fabulous. It was definitely the most adventurous trip we've taken so far. Ziplining thousands of feet up and doing some strenous hikes in the national forests...whew! I'm tired just thinking about it, lol. All in all it was a beautiful country...definitely something I'll never forget. Once all of the pictures are compiled i'll do a more thorough entry with lots of pics, I promise.

I've pretty much caught up on most of my emails and youtube messages...good thing I type fast, lol. While I was gone, the boyfriend was good and uploaded two youtube videos like I instructed :)

I got back late Friday evening, and basically vegged out for most of the weekend. Saturday night I went to a birthday party of a photographer (half pinay by the way) on the rooftop of a beautiful loft in Atlanta. You could tell the party was filled with models, fashion stylists, and funky people in general...a bit intimidating but I met some really cool people.

Sunday, more resting, and then I attended the MAC pro class here in Atlanta. Unfortunately, I was a bit out of it...I thought the class was at 7pm but it was at 6pm, yikes! So unfortunately I only caught the last ten minutes of the class. I also missed out on the cute MAC book they passed out with notes and face charts. The people there probably snagged all the extras.
However, I was able to pick up a few really good tips. I also did a haul with the $100 in redeemable product you get for attending/paying for the class. I'll upload pics tonight along with the tips I learned.

Next up in terms of videos:
-Pur Minerals Cosmetics and Skincare Review
-Pur Minerals Brown Eyes Tutorial
-Most Frequently Asked Questions Vid
-Set Bag video
-Smokey Purple Eye Tutorial Using MUFE no. 92 bright purple eyeshadow and Urban Decay eyeshadows

Thanks for sticking around guys...I'll be back up and running soon!