Makeup for Brown Eyes - Pur Minerals Tutorial

Hi Guys,

I put up my video using my Pur Minerals product. The look is geared toward Brown Eyes but really it would look good on any eye color. You can see in the video once I used the foundation my skin just warmed up instantly. I really love this foundation!

I used the Paint By Numbers eyeshadow palette and followed the insert to create the most dramatic look for brown eyes. The directions told me which colors to use...I only used three eyeshadows: a red brown, a peach, and a pink. I then used black eyeliner, some mascara and falsies. It was really easy to do. I paired it with my Neolite lipgloss and that was it!

Here's What I Used (All Products Used are by Pur Minerals unless mentioned):


-color correcting primer in peach

-4 in 1 pressed mineral makeup in medium dark

-mineral split plan in mineral glow/mineral light

-blush in plum adalite

-universal pencil in natural (eyebrows)

-eye prep

-beauty in numbers eyeshadow palette: numbers 10, 8, 3

-MAC kohl power pencil in feline

-Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in blackest black

-Model Co. lashes

-MAC zoomlash mascara


-universal pencil in natural

-lipgloss in neolite sunset

For more info, check out the Pur Minerals Blog.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!