Cousins Shoot

Hi Bellas!

About two weekends ago I had the opportunity to shoot with two beautiful women Sunny and Kanella. You might not be able to tell, but they're cousins! I met them through a former co-worker of mine and I was commissioned to do their makeup for this shoot. From the beginning, I was told that they wanted something very natural. Both are not accustomed to bold makeup so they wanted to ensure that they still looked like themselves in the end, lol.

I did Kanella's makeup first. First off, we wanted to make sure that her skin was as flawless as possible. She had some texture issues from acne so I concentrated on priming her face first to have a smooth canvas, and I used my Cinema Secrets foundation in its cream state to provide maximum coverage. I also mixed the foundations to match her true skin tone...she's a bit lighter in the middle and darker along the outer edges of her face. In terms of colors, she really wanted a natural look. I told her that we were going to stick to golds and browns. I convinced her to try on a pair of falsies because they make such a difference in photography. I think a lot of people associate false lashes with drag queen makeup...little do they know that lashes come in so many sizes and shapes...and they really can make the look!

Sunny wanted to try a little bit of color but too much. When she saw my eyeshadows from the Cool Heat Collection she was sold. It was actually really easy to do her makeup because she was wearing glasses at the time and gave me free reign. Usually I allow clients to examine each step of the makeup process to make sure they're liking the progress. Sunny told me to just go with the flow because she couldn't see it anyways,lol. In the end we did a subtle mix of creams and teals. It really went with her newly acquired tan from a cruise she had gone on.

They took individual pictures as well as cousin shots. Is it just me, or does Kanella remind you of Tony from the show "Girlfriends"? LOL.

Anywho, on to the pics!

Kanella posing for the camera...

Now it's Sunny's turn...I see you America's Next Top Model!

Now a Cousin's Shot...awwww, they really are good friends.

Till next time, ciao bellas!