M.A.C Sonic Chic, Electroflash, and New View Haul and Swatches

Hi Bellas!

So Thursday was the big day of MAC's release of three collections--all linked together by being mineralized makeup. To be honest, I wasn't too hype about this collection. Of course I read the new updates on Specktra and checked out the swatches. Initially I was most excited about the mineralized blushes from Sonic Chic...but my opinion totally flipped when I went into the store.

First off, let me start by saying that I am on a makeup budget! I went to MAC Pro in Orlando and broke the bank, so I wanted to control myself this time. I wanted at least one item from each collection so I could do an accurate review...ummm and just cause I'm a collection fiend, lol! I was really good and only spent $65 (sure that includes the Pro discount but it still counts, he he) which is really good for me!

So onto the haul!

New View
I was really intrigued by this collection since it was half natural MSF and half shimmer. I knew that this collection would give me the opportunity to try a new MSF while getting some shimmer at the same time. I swear by my natural MSF in medium dark which I wear everytime rock foundation. It's both my setting powder and foundation when I don't feel like wearing anything heavy. I saw that they had the MSF in med dark with its coordinating shimmer, but I didn't want to get another MSF in med dark with only 20% shimmer in it...it seemed like a waste. Instead I went one shade darker and got the dark msf. I love how it's dark enough for me to use as a contour color and then the shimmer part works as a perfect highlighter! I can also test it out on my clients (after proper sanitation of course) and see how it looks on darker skin tones...probably those in the 45s. All in all, I would recommend this product if you haven't tried out the MSF naturals or if you want to try a new shade. IMO, the combo is a great deal.

Sonic Chic
I was really excited about this collection because the idea of mineralized blushes sounded too fabulous! I saw the swatches online previous to the release and I figured I would be getting Warm Soul. Well let's say I tried it on and I couldn't really even see it! That's why I got Gleeful instead...it's pigmented enough to show up on my skintone and can be sheered out as well. I noticed when I swatched the blushes, they came out pretty sheer for the most part. You'd need a dense blush brush to get more pigmentation. Personally, I think I'm cool with just one of these blushes because they weren't that all that more amazing than some of my other blushes. So with this collection...if you've got enough blushes, you could probably pass.

My favorite collection of the three! I wasn't that excited by the pre-release photos...so boy I was surprised when I swatched these in person! Talk about gorgeous! I personally think the Fresh Green Mix and Sea and Sky will be sold out first. The colors are extremely vibrant.
-Sea and Sky reminds me of Freshwater and Rebelrock Pigment with a shot of adrenaline. One swipe of my finger and it was super bright!
-Fresh Green Mix also reminds me of some vamped up eyeshadows from the Perm collection...an intense swimming and Juxt.
I only wanted to get three duos at the max, so I had to consult with the MAC artist for a final decision. We ended up on Odd Couple because of the Vibrant purple. Gorgeous! It's like Parfait Amour on steroids. I don't rock purple that often but this one can't be denied. The rest of the colors were also really nice, but were all dupeable in my opinion--lots of golds, grays, silvers, peaches, etc...that can be replicated with pigments and eyeshadows. I hope I get use out of these babies since I tend not to use my individual pot shadows as much. If it's not in my palette I forget about them! Let me also add that these Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos are way brighter and more pigmented than the old ones. So if you're turned off by the fact that it's a mineralized duo, don't be skurred! They're gorgeous I promise. Lastly, when I swatched them, the product is so silky that it kind of flaked off in the pan. My UD deluxe eyeshadows do the same thing. So make sure to tap off the excess from your brush during application.


If anything, get at least one mineralized eyeshadow duo. Too gorgeous to pass up! Get the MSF if you don't have one already...and the blushes are decent...but you could probably pass.

Here's the video I filmed of my haul, enjoy!

Time for swatches! Click on the pics to expand and get a closer look at the shimmers in the makeup. All swatches taken with a swipe of the finger and no base.

Swatches of the Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos
-left to right, Sea and Sky, Fresh Green Mix, and Odd Couple

Swatches of Gleeful Blush (I had to really get my finger and swipe a few times to get it this vibrant)and MSF in dark and shimmer

Here's a quick look I threw on after I filmed the video and before the BF and I headed out for our Thursday dinner date night. The look only took me 15 min max. I used the blue and green eyeshadow duos along with vanilla e/s as a highlight.

Here's What I Used (All MAC unless specified):

-sea and sky mineralized e/s duo
-fresh green mix mineralized e/s duo
-vanilla e/s
-revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-kohl spencil in smolder
-shiseido mascara base
-telescopic mascara
-anastasia pencil and tinted brow gel

-msf natural med dark
-msf duo in dark and shimmer
-gleeful blush

-hush hush tendertone

It's funny because when I asked my BF what he thought of my makeup (like I always do right after I finish) he told me it looked nice but more subdued than usual. He told me, "I thought it would be more vibrant. You went more subtle this time huh?" LOL...to some people this is a bright look! He saw my swatches once I purposely showed him as soon as I got home (not that he cared but I showed them anyways) and saw how bright they were. I used a cheap fluffy eyeshadow brush for the entire look so the colors came out less vibrant. For my tutorial I'll probably pick a bright base and use better brushes to get the color impact yall are used to.