Weekend updates...

Hi Bellas,

How was your weekend? For me, it passed way too quickly. I did a few makeup related things this weekend which was nice.

Friday night, I had a photoshoot for two girls and one guy. For one girl, I did a smokey brown eye and the other was a mix of golds, blues, and greens. As for the guy, a little concealer, powder, and mustache trim did the trick. It came out really well. The pictures should be up soon!

Saturday night I slept in and then played with my new mineralized duos! I used my fresh green mix duo and the pandemonium quad and created a really pretty green and purple eye. I'm wearing my gleeful blush from Sonic Chic and plum lipliner and sugarrimmed dazzleglass on my lips.

I’m trying to decide what look to do for a tutorial. Any suggestions? After that, I definitely rocked my look to the grocery store where my boyfriend and I finally stocked up on groceries. It’s been a few too many weeks of scrounging around for food, lol. After that we went to the mall. My boyfriend wanted to check out this fish eye camera lens he saw at Urban Outfitters. He didn’t end up getting it but I picked up a cute dress and a white long sleeved shirt to match for $32. Pretty good deal for Urban Outfitters since a lot of their stuff is a bit overpriced. After the mall, we headed to the movies to meet up with my Best Friend and her boyfriend and we saw Hell Boy 2.

I had seen the first one on TV a few weeks earlier so at least I knew what was going on. It was pretty entertaining and really funny actually. Imagine being the makeup artist for that set! You could probably wait for it to come to dvd or tv though.

Sunday I chilled during the day and then I had a meeting with “The Best Makeup Artists of Georgia” group in the evening. I found this group online, and it’s a mix of MUAs, models, and photographers that are trying to form an organization where we can learn together and have a network of other artists to refer to for gigs. I invited fellow blogger Jaimie from Kiss and Makeup to join me. Before I arrived, I had to make sure my makeup was on point! I didn’t want to do a bold eye because I always do that, so instead I rocked my new pro lipstick Lady Danger—it’s a bright tomato red.

MAC Pro lipstick in Lady Danger

My eyes were pretty neutral with golds and browns and fake lashes of course. I wore my new dress from Urban Outfitters and bright red shoes and then I felt like a makeup artist, he he.

This was the first meeting so it was a little random…I got there on time but most of the others including the organizer didn’t, lol. Mainly we networked with each other and learned a lot from a veteran makeup artist who was there. I also found out that there is a store called Atlanta Costume that sells a lot of Ben Nye and other theatrical makeup. Woo hoo! You know I’m going!