Rocky's Makeup Lesson

Hi Bellas,

So we're swiftly approaching the holiday weekend, woo hoo! My company gets half a day today and then tomorrow off. So I get off at 1pm today, yahoo! My bf and I are driving to Orlando tonight and staying until Monday. MAC Pro store here I come! I'm excited :) So I might have limited access this weekend...but I'm bringing the computer and webcam and hopefully I can get a tutorial filmed...I'm thinking of doing a pussycat doll look, woo hoo!

Anywho, back to the makeup lesson...

Last week I had another opportunity to teach another makeup lesson. My client was a part-time model who is used to having her makeup done, but was pretty much clueless about putting it on herself. We started the lesson with a question and answer session. She asked me "How often do you change your brushes?" I was a bit confused. I told her that her brushes should last years if she cleaned them regularly and took care of them. She looked at me confused, lol, and told me that she just threw away her MAC foundation brush because it was dirty. I was like, OMG! Those things are expensive! She knows better now, so another tragedy doesn't happen like that again, lol.

She wanted to go for a smokey eye look that she could recreate herself. Her favorite color was gold so we decided to incorporated a bit of that into her eyeshadow and lipgloss. One of her goals was to cover her blemishes from her recent breakouts. Beforehand, she used only concealer and went through an entire MAC concealer in less than 2 months. I showed her how to apply both foundation and concealer to get the coverage that she wanted. With the right tools and technique she'll go through a lot less product and get better coverage.

I also taught her how to fill in her eyebrows. They make such a difference in framing your face! We used a lot of her own products so that she could learn how to utilize what she has on a day to day basis. Looking back I should have applied black mascara on her to make her eyes pop a bit more, but she only had brown mascara and I wanted to use what she had.

So without further ado, here's a before and after pic. Unfortunately we didn't use the flash in her before picture so she looks 5 shades lighter, lol, than in her after picture. But I promise you that we matched her foundation correctly. I usually do one half of the face and let the client do the other half. Can you guess which side of the face she did?