Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Birthday recaps

EDIT: i added more pics that my bestie emailed me from my birthday weekend with the girls :)

WARNING: Long post...pic heavy...

Hi Bellas,

I had a great birthday. It started the weekend before with my celebration with the girls. Each time one of the girls in our core group has a birthday, it always has to be a surprise/themed multi-day event, lol.

Friday Night, they involved the BF in the plan by making it seem like he was taking me to dinner. Instead, they surprised me at Agatha Christie's Mystery Dinner Theater. My BFFs were all there as well as my good friend from college. The show was hilarious! It was Harry Potter/Disney themed...and it was a murder mystery themed improv type show with dinner included. There was audience participating and I had lines! I was Minnie Rat (the ghetto version of Minnie Mouse i guess, lol) and I totally embarassed myself! My cue was when another audience member, Mickey Rat came in and we had an argument. I was just going to be animated with it...but to my shock he came in with a voice 10 octaves higher than I expected. He was trying to be Mickey for real lol. So out of nowhere I decided to make my voice 10 octaves higher (and yall know my voice is already high)! LOL, needless to say nobody could understand us...and the actors totally made fun of us the whole night. He he.

Afterwards, the girls handed me a card with a big picture of Oprah on the front. Inside, the card said that I would need to pack my bag for a girls' sleepover and to get ready for my "favorite things". They also handed me a sephora bag...inside was the Aquolina Chocolate perfume, yum! Chocolate is definitely one of my favorite things. When I arrived at my friend's apartment...the girls suprised me, it was decorated with ballons and confetti and lots of hot pink (another fav of mine)! They all had matching pajamas and they had bought me one too! (yay for victoria's secret semi-annual sale and the discount sleepwear, he he). They handed me a yummy drink called a pink panty (vodka, pink lemonade, whip cream and sprinkles!) and even got me a cake with my Makeup By RenRen logo imprinted on it!

My gorgeous cake

After that we bonded over chocolate fondue and snacks, and watched a bunch of chick flicks. Of course, in the beginning we all thought it would be cute to sleep on the living room floor like a real sleepover...but in the morning, with our sore backs and necks, we decided dang we are too old for that, lol.

In the morning, they told me to get ready. We all put on our makeup and sundresses and they drove me to the next location. It was brunch with all my friends there waiting! This brunch spot called Agnes and Muriel's is famous for their Southern Breakfast menu.

One of the besties Melissa and my former co-worker Sherrie, she just had a baby and still came out!

Group shot!

All the girls!

Talk about yum! We ate, drank, and were merry, and it was one of my best bday weekends ever. Talk about good friends!

Tuesday was my actual Birthday. The BF wanted me all to himself on this night ;)

So I had an amazing time on my birthday. So after going through 2 MAC makeup wipes, I finally decided on a look. I wanted something smokey and sexy like Nai Nai suggested but I wanted something with a bit more flare than usual. I was able to break out some of my fav colors from the last couple of collections and pair it with good old carbon—the key to any smokey eye. I wanted a nude boyfriend friendly lip, lol, so I went with a nude lipgelee and a pink lipliner. On top of it all, I wanted my skin to glow! So I mixed strobe cream with my foundation and then used MSF light flush to give it an extra something something. And of course, I couldn’t forget my lashes! I used one of my favorites – Ardell Gisele lashes.

Here’s the complete list of what I used (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-bare study paint pot
-shore leave e/s(all over lid)
-warming trend e/s (middle of lid up to crease)
-carbon e/s (outer v and crease)
-gold reflects glitter
-gisele lashes
-revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-kohl pencil in smolder
-anastasis brow kit

-strobe cream mixed with satinfinish foundation
-selectmoisture concealer
-msf natural med dark
-sculpt & shape duo
-shy beauty powder blush
-light flush msf

-subculture lipliner
-nude lipgelee

So after I got ready I saw this big bag from my boyfriend and of course I got really excited.

We headed off to dinner. Luckily it was at 8pm so I had time to get my makeup and hair together! He made reservations at this place called Dante’s Down the Hatch…it’s a really cool fondue restaurant where the inside looks like a pirate’s ship or something…they even have a bride over a moat with real alligators. It was fun doing the fondu thing. They had a live jazz band and we had our own booth which was sequestered off and looked like a mini cabin, tres cute!

The food was overpriced, but delicious.

Now for the presents! He already got me the two dozen roses and my hair for Friday so I wasn’t sure what all he was going to get me since those items and our $100 dinner were already a lot.

The first thing I pulled out was a dvd—the two disc special Little Mermaid! I love this movie…it’s definitely my fav Disney film. It was funny because the other week I was watching youtube videos on some of the songs (I especially love Kiss the Girl and Part of Your World)…and luckily Disney took this one out of the vault so I could add it to my collection.

The next item was so cute…he had a Makeup By RenRen t-shirt made for me! It was black with hot pink writing…it’s perfect because I like to wear all black for gigs. He told me the next ones would be better…he has the idea of printing them in mass so I could hand out to friends and clients for walking advertisement. He’s so clever!

I thought that the dvd and shirt was pretty much all that he gave me…but then he told me that there was a little bag inside. I didn’t even see it with all the mounds of tissue paper. I finally pulled it out…a Tiffany’s bag! Mind you…I have zero items from Tiffanys…I’m not huge into labels, but Tiffanys? Come on! I pulled out the perfectly wrapped box and what was inside….a ring!

Okay guys, calm down, lol, it’s not an engagement ring. We ain’t ready for all that now! Maybe in a few years, lol… But anyways, it’s a promise ring…I’ve been bugging him for one for the last year and he finally came though. I absolutely love it! It’s classic and simple and perfect for me since I hardly wear jewelry anymore.

Now the question is…how am I going to top this for his birthday in September? Yikes!


Yellow Fever said...

oh wow-amazing presents!! I love the bling pic at the end lol!! and the t-shirts are awesome-if you sell some up on your site, I am TOTALLY going to buy one!

spankedelic said...

awwww your friends and bf are so sweet! for my fiance's bdays, i always write him a list of things i love about him. it gets harder each year, cause i have to add one on. whatever his age is, i have to write that many things for him. i also buy him a BIG bag full of sweets. i put all his favorite snacks and candies in there and put tons of lottery cards in there. i always make breakfast and we go out to dinner. and then i buy him something BIG! he's so sweet to me so after i start working again, i'd like to get him a nice car =) he is taking care of me since i quit working to focus on school. he pays all my bills and gives me money and pays for all my makeup. i think it'd be nice to get him a nice car once i become a respiratory therapist/nurse. don't bug your bf about proposing, though! my fiance had no clue on how to propose and asked me when i was sleeping. lol. so i told him i'd like him to do it over in a romantic way!

Anne said...

omg you are soooo loved both your friends and your bf! you deserved everything you got on your special day! your bf is just too sweet ! it makes my teethache LOL. thanks for sharing your bday recap! definitely enjoyed it!

Linda said...

Hey Ren Ren! Your friends and bf really did it big for you! It looks like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Everyone looks so fabulous..especially you! That was so sweet of everyone. Can you give me your review on the Mystery Dinner restaurant and where it is located. It looks like a nice place to go. Alright Take carez!

Tracy said...

i can't remember if i wished you happy birthday, so just in case... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! looks like you had an awesome time!

Ethereal Prey said...

WOW! Damn girl looks like you had TON of fun on your b-day and pre-bday bash! I'm happy that you had crazy fun! Your man is totally sweet! The light from your promise ring is too blingy to me and blinding me! LOL!

The t-shirts are a great idea! cut them up into sexy one shoulder or tanks, or make tanks, girls are more inclined to wear tanks or fitted shirts. Love your cake!

yummy411 said...

ren you were a queen. you have the best bf and friends!!! i'm glad you had a great time and looked quite gorgeous while doing so! thanks for sharing!! i want a makeup by renren cake!! sooo yummy!!! oh the tshirts are a must! LOL

Tia said...

You have the most awesome girlfriends and sweetest bf! I am glad all went well for your bday weekend, you totally deserve it all! Agnes and Muriel's is such a nice brunch place, my bf took me there about 2yrs ago when we were still dating. =) I'm jealous of your bling, haha.. I've bugged the bf about a promise ring, but I'll see if he ever come through =[
BTW, I LOVE your smokey eye pic, have you done a tutorial on it before, pls hook it up, hehe! Thank, Ren!

mayaari said...

looks like you had a wonderful birthday ren :) love that awesome bling pic at the end - you'll have to show us what the ring looks like without the flash :)

Askmewhats said...

ohh wow! I love your photos, you looked so happy! You know what? I have to reread what you've written! I thought it was an engagement ring! LOL I was so excited!!!! lol but anyways, it was a lovely bday present and it is definitely hard to top that! LOL Glad you are happy on your bday! :D

mandilicious said...

Happy Birthday!..sorry for the late greeting..but better late then never, right?..lol..

btw, i love your dress!..it's bold but not too much!..

also your friends and your bf are so sweet..i wish my friends would do something like that for me..

can't even see the ring with all that bling going on!

Mrs. Lynne, MakeupFix.net said...

awww... that's great sis! what a great circle of love you have :) and talk about BLANG!! :D hah. happy birthday love. may success continue to find you with many more great things.

xppinkx said...

hey Ren

Omgad looks like you had the ultimate birthday...friends, food, bf, and cake....OH we cant forget tiffany's!!!! in every picture you have this glow of pure happiness...smiles from ear to ear...great post...and thanks for being born!!!

happy belated birthday!!!!

mina said...

wow what an amazing birthday! Glad you had a great time. I've been to that mystery dinner place and I'm glad I didn't get a solo part cause I would have embarrassed myself too lol.
Congrats on the promise ring! lol I thought it was an engagement ring!

MakeupByRenRen said...

Yellow fever: lol yah the bling thing was totally his idea…maybe one day I’ll have t-shirts up and running…once I get some money, lol

Spankadelic: wow those are some really good ideas! I’m definitely going to cop the lottery ticket thing. Sounds like your fiancĂ©e is a lucky lucky man…I can’t wait to hear about the story of the engagement re-do, he he, and the car you get him! Now that’s a good present!

Anne: yah I have the best friends and BF ever…I feel so lucky to have them…toothache, he he, that’s funny

Linda: it was a lot of fun! It’s called Agatha Christie’s Mystery Dinner theater…it’s located downtown and it’s sooo much fun. I think dinner and the show is about $50 per person? They should have a website if you google them.

Tracy: thanks sweety, it definitely was an awesome time 

Ethereal prey: I was telling my BF the same thing, the shirts would probably have to be tanks for girls to wear them…great minds think alike!

Yummy411: it was a blast! The cake was just as yummy as it looked, it had layers of chocolate frosting and mousse inside, mmmmm

Tia: yup the food at agnes and muriel’s was yummmmyyyy! Who knows, your BF might just surprise you one of these days, mine did!

Mayaari: yah that bling was off the chain! Lol…you can see the ring better in my new hair video

Askmewhats: lol, yah definitely not an engagement ring…yall will definitely know when that happens!

Mandi: I loved my lil funky dress, he he…gotta mix it up you know! Thanks for the bday greetings…I know your friends and man who do the same for you 

Mrs. Lynne: bling bling, eh he…thanks sis!

Xxpinkx: lol you mean my koolaid smile? He he, yup it was an awesome birthday, thanks for the well wishes!

Vanessa said...

AWWWWWWWWWW he is so cute!!! What a keeper! Very nice birthday it seems! You look gorgeous sis!

(g)ezebel said...

any ring from tiffany's is a fantatic ring!! i think promise rings are very special.

glad you had such a great bday!!

have your BF do tank tops instead of t-shirts. sexier. i was gonna do my biz logo on tank tops with my website on back.

Katrina said...

Wow! Sounds like fun!

You have great friends and your boyfriend is truly a keeper.

OOoOOo! Maybe you should make a contest of the best idea to top your birthday for your boyfriend for your subscribers and see what they come up with. =]

I bet a few of them are bound to think of fantastic ideas!

Roselyn said...

Looks like you had a blast my love!!! You look adorable and I am loving the new 'do! Kisses...

Fashion's Darling said...

you have got the best people in your life..seriously!

happy belated bday

Emilee @ GMM said...

Ren, I'm pretty late to the party, but you honestly had such an amazing birthday! I was jealous reading everything that your friends did for you. :) I think I need to send this link to my bf and have him read it too...hehehe, kidding.

But happy belated birthday! You looked gorgeous. :)