Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CCO Haul and Pandamonium Quad Look

Hi Bellas,

I finally made my way down to the Outlet mall and headed over to my fav place there - Cosmetics Company Outlet! I actually went up there to go see Medieval Times with a group of my friends for my best friend's fiance's bday. His bday is two days after mine! I decided while I was there I hadddd to stop by the CCO. My boyfriend knew what was up, and was patiently standing by offering opinion on whether he thought I really needed another eyeshadow, lol. I love going to the CCO because they have previous collections that I missed out on. Like I've mentioned in the past, I didn't start getting into MAC hardcore until Fall of 2007. Before then, it was a few years of picking up a foundation and powder here and there, maybe a bronzer or blush once in a few months, and randow eyeshadows I thought were pretty. I wasn't a MAC fiend, lol, until I got my blog up and running in November of 2007. That's when I really started getting into collections. So I was happy when I saw the Pandemonium quad and some McQueen stuff. Back when the McQueen collection was out, I was only able to snatch up two leftover paint pots.

Here's everything I got...I didn't go too crazy right?

These are swatches of the two shadesticks I got. The whitish one is Overcast and the Purplish one is Silverbleu. I had to put a couple of shadesticks back before I settled on these two. I figured I didn't really have bases similar to these. I actually used the Overcast shadestick in my Pussycat Dolls look.

From the Alexander McQueen collection I picked up eyeshadows in nile and haunting. I haven't used these yet...I need to get on it!
I also picked up the Family Silver Mineralized Eyeshadow. I love this little thing! I wear the colors paired with a brown crease color and it gives me the perfect sparkly daytime eye. It's not too over the top but it gives me enough sparkle so I don't feel Plain-O. I actually wore this eyeshadow to my last wedding gig.
Here I am wearing the family silver duo. This is a picture with fellow blogger Jaimie. I've taken her under my wing to get her feet wet in the makeup business. Love you Jaimie!

And lastly, I wanted to do a soft and pretty look using my new pandamonium quad. I am seriously in love with the bright purple color in this quad. Gorgeous! And I was happy I got pandamonium b/c I skipped out on it when it was re-released with the Naughty Nauticals Collection. This color is perfect for a subtle smokey eye...especially if you have a heavy hand.

Now for the look. I purposely went for a softer look with this quad. My first instinct told me, "Put the bright purple color all over your lid-brighter is better!" But then, I stepped back and wanted to try something different than usual. I used all four colors. The light cream is my highlight, pandamonium used lightly on my lid, the pink/purple color in a thin line in my crease, and the bright purple to blend out the crease. I think it came out soft and pretty.

pandamonium quad
-cloudbound (f)
-up at dawn (vp)
-violet trance (m)
-pandamonium (l)

I'm going to try doing more haul videos, i've really been slacking on those. Next is my MAC pro haul vid. Get excited!

P.S--To Gezebel...i'm so glad you didn't leave us. You're a beautiful person with such a pure inspire me everyday...In the early days you were the one person that kept me going on ABB...drag queen makeup forever! love yah!


xoxo Jaimie said...

Wooo go us! I know, you're such a good business teacher! I'll be putting more and more stuff on my blog in the upcoming days. today too even, i think. I love your last look, the haul is amazing!

Ethereal Prey said...

wow nice haul! I saw the quads at the cco near me too, but alas i had no idea how to use them! I can't wait to see what you do with the mcqueen collection, since those colors are so blue and bright!

yummy411 said...

great friggin haul! pandamonium and mcqueen?? wah i want more mcqueen! the pandamonium quad is my fav to date!

i'm soooo not used to seeing you in 'soft' makeup. still pretty though, just not as ren ren as we know. ;)

is that jaimie from clumps of mascara? kewlies!

Seymone said...

Hey lady.. I wanted to ask u if u went to the CCO at Discover Mall in Duluth because I am planning to go there on Friday and I want that quad?? LOL

BTW, nice haul

Yellow Fever said...

gorgeous look! The softness really goes well with your hair. I really want to go to the CCO down here sometime to see what they have from older collections-its quite a drive though!

Seymone said...

Girl your my chick.. Of course, I dont mind that u linked me. I already have. LOL

(g)ezebel said...

*giggles* you know i had to come back. i miss you guys all so much. :0)

wow! you managed to get the pandamonium quad at CCO? i freakin' hadta get mine off eBay.

Vanessa said...


Emilee @ GMM said...

The Pandamonium quad is one of my favorite quads; you are super lucky to have picked it up at a CCO!