CCO Haul and Pandamonium Quad Look

Hi Bellas,

I finally made my way down to the Outlet mall and headed over to my fav place there - Cosmetics Company Outlet! I actually went up there to go see Medieval Times with a group of my friends for my best friend's fiance's bday. His bday is two days after mine! I decided while I was there I hadddd to stop by the CCO. My boyfriend knew what was up, and was patiently standing by offering opinion on whether he thought I really needed another eyeshadow, lol. I love going to the CCO because they have previous collections that I missed out on. Like I've mentioned in the past, I didn't start getting into MAC hardcore until Fall of 2007. Before then, it was a few years of picking up a foundation and powder here and there, maybe a bronzer or blush once in a few months, and randow eyeshadows I thought were pretty. I wasn't a MAC fiend, lol, until I got my blog up and running in November of 2007. That's when I really started getting into collections. So I was happy when I saw the Pandemonium quad and some McQueen stuff. Back when the McQueen collection was out, I was only able to snatch up two leftover paint pots.

Here's everything I got...I didn't go too crazy right?

These are swatches of the two shadesticks I got. The whitish one is Overcast and the Purplish one is Silverbleu. I had to put a couple of shadesticks back before I settled on these two. I figured I didn't really have bases similar to these. I actually used the Overcast shadestick in my Pussycat Dolls look.

From the Alexander McQueen collection I picked up eyeshadows in nile and haunting. I haven't used these yet...I need to get on it!
I also picked up the Family Silver Mineralized Eyeshadow. I love this little thing! I wear the colors paired with a brown crease color and it gives me the perfect sparkly daytime eye. It's not too over the top but it gives me enough sparkle so I don't feel Plain-O. I actually wore this eyeshadow to my last wedding gig.
Here I am wearing the family silver duo. This is a picture with fellow blogger Jaimie. I've taken her under my wing to get her feet wet in the makeup business. Love you Jaimie!

And lastly, I wanted to do a soft and pretty look using my new pandamonium quad. I am seriously in love with the bright purple color in this quad. Gorgeous! And I was happy I got pandamonium b/c I skipped out on it when it was re-released with the Naughty Nauticals Collection. This color is perfect for a subtle smokey eye...especially if you have a heavy hand.

Now for the look. I purposely went for a softer look with this quad. My first instinct told me, "Put the bright purple color all over your lid-brighter is better!" But then, I stepped back and wanted to try something different than usual. I used all four colors. The light cream is my highlight, pandamonium used lightly on my lid, the pink/purple color in a thin line in my crease, and the bright purple to blend out the crease. I think it came out soft and pretty.

pandamonium quad
-cloudbound (f)
-up at dawn (vp)
-violet trance (m)
-pandamonium (l)

I'm going to try doing more haul videos, i've really been slacking on those. Next is my MAC pro haul vid. Get excited!

P.S--To Gezebel...i'm so glad you didn't leave us. You're a beautiful person with such a pure inspire me everyday...In the early days you were the one person that kept me going on ABB...drag queen makeup forever! love yah!