Slowly yet surely building my makeup kit...

Hi Guys,

As many of you all know, I’m starting to get into doing makeup on the side. After all, something’s got to pay for all this makeup I’ve been getting. This has been one of my new year’s resolutions…I think I’ve finally found something that I enjoy and that I’m pretty good at it. It helps keep me sane with the craziness of my corporate job.

Part of the whole process is learning how to apply makeup, but you also have to obtain the proper resources as well. Throughout the past weeks I’ve been slowly building my makeup kit, filling my train-case I bought from ebay. Did I mention I love how many traincase has wheels? I brought it to my friends how this weekend for bridal makeup practice and it saved my back! Anyways, I’ve really kicked up my kit purchases a notch with this wedding coming up because I want to make sure I’m prepared! A lot of my items have come from MAC, Ulta, Sephora, Wal-MART, as well as This site is such a valuable resource because it really opened up my eyes to professional grade cosmetics. Many of these lines may not be familiar to you, but if you’ve done your research on, a lot of the makeup artists refer to this website and many of the brands offered on it. At first, I only knew of commercial lines that the public is exposed to such as MAC, Smashbox, MUFE, Urban Decay etc…but now I’m a big fan of makeup marketed towards makeup artist such as: RCMA, Graftobian, Cinema Secrets, etc… I love getting these products for my kit because they often come in convenient palettes in a variety of shades which are a lot easier to pack in your train case. On top of that…the products are always top notch…pigmented, in a wide variety of colors to suit every person, and easy to apply.

When I first started building my kit for example, the thought of purchasing a million different foundation colors was daunting. However, I pretty much have that covered now. I bought two foundation palettes from RCMA and they pretty much have every color you could ever need. I bought the sampler size version where each palette slot can do about 8-10 full faces worth of foundation. Since I’m starting out this works perfectly…and I can always replace colors that I run out of. Here’s a pic of the foundations…there are 18 colors in each palette and I have two different palettes. With 36 colors to choose from I usually don’t have a problem matching shades.

The foundation is cream based so I usually pick a scoop out with my mini spatula then mix in a liquid solution made for thinning out cream cosmetics. This allows me to turn it to a liquid foundation if I want, or mix it with other colors so I can have a better match. I highly recommend! I’m also going to purchase a few palettes from Cinema Secrets. They offer mini-palettes of 5 colors each…I’ll probably get one for really light skin tones and one from darker skin tones to widen my color range and buy more later if need be.

I also recently purchased a palette of Graftobian powder foundation with more than 10 shades. This can be used as a powder to set foundation, or by itself dry or wet, depending on the coverage.

This weekend, I went to wal-mart and ulta this weekend and picked up some essentials you may not think of putting in your kit…
From Wal-Mart:
-mini can of hairspray ( a lot of times, makeup artist have to do hair as well so gotta be prepared for touch-ups)
-nail polish remover pads
-visine – regular version
-visine for contacts
-mustache/eyebrow scissors
-cotton swabs
-small box of Kleenex
-plastic comb
-mini pack of unscented wet ones
-small hair-brush
-empty 3 oz bottle (for toner)
-cotton rounds
-small can of shaving cream
-hand sanitizer
-small empty spray bottle (for rubbing alcohol)
-hand held mirror
-disposable razors

Luckily Ulta is right next store, so I stopped by to purchase what I couldn’t find at wal-mart:
-velour puffs
-a large, washable round cosmetic sponge (to brace my hand on someone’s face when I’m doing makeup)
-black and brown waterproof mascara-I bought them from Max Factor, the kind that have a screw on top and the brush on the side…that way I can prevent myself from using the brush it came with…I have disposable mascara wands I use for other people…two wands, one for each eye

Online from various vendors, I’ve also bought the following in the last couple of weeks:
-brush apron (looks exactly like the one from MAC)

-disposable mascara spoolies
-disposable spatulas
-disposable lipstick brush applicators
-disposable lipgloss doe-foot applicators

I’ve been building this monster since November 2007. Here are other times I’ve collected or already had that I can stick in my kit:
-latex sponges – round and wedge shaped
-moisturizer – cetaphil I put in a mini jar
-graftobian lipstick palettes – 2 palettes, one in fashion shades and one in cool shades
-camera ready palette of blushes –about 8 blushes in this palette

-camera ready palette of shadow – about 5 basic colors –browns, grays, and black

-gel eye liner in black and brown

-fake lashes
-clear brow gel (from E.L.F only one dollar!)
-brush cleaner in a small bottle
-duo lash glue
-pencil sharpener
-translucent loose powder
-loose powder in a café color
-hair clips
-binder clips (to hold back clothing in shoots)
-makeup remover wipes
-aquaphor (for lips)
-pallet of neturalizers by cinema secrets
-graftobian crème blush palette

-oil blotting papers
-heated eyelash curler
-and a variety of makeup brushes in my apron…everything from M.A.C, to target, to no-name brands, to Michaels…

Many items I change in and out of the train case because they are items that I also use…except I sanitize them thoroughly if I put them in my kit. For example, I avoid using the lipgloss wands or mascara wands that come with the product so that I don’t contaminate them. Items that I’m still working on buying solely for my train case are:
-various lip pencils
-eyeliner pencils
-various lipsticks
-mascara base
-regular lash curler
-I have multiple MAC e/s palettes that I change in and out depending on the client…you can just wipe off the top layer of the e/s with tissue when using it on someone else.

So that’s pretty much everything in my kit, or that I want to be in my kit. I hope this helps some of you guys because when I first started out I was doing so much research looking for some of things I should have. Hopefully now I’ll have more jobs to book to use this stuff! I just like being prepared in the meanwhile 

I’ve already got a few possibilities lined up…I’ll share more when that time comes. Let me know if you guys have any questions! I'd also love to hear any product suggestions from you guys!