Things I'm Passionate About...

So I was tagged by a few of you…so hopefully you’ll get to know me better!

Things I'm passionate about:
-my culture- Philippines represent!
-giving and getting respect
-my friends
-my family
-my boyfriend
-equality among all races, sects, and genders
-seeing my friends and family happy

Things I'd like to do before I die:
-travel the world with my boyfriend-eating exotic foods and learning about new cultures
-get married to my BF, having kids, a nice house, a dog, the whole shebang!
-quit corporate life and have my own successful business
-have my name in headlines-not saying I want to be famous, but recognized for my work
-learn to be completely happy with myself
-start a non-profit organization/scholarship fund

Things I say often
-hey girl!
-get it girl!
-I love you
-camp kukamunga (when something is crazy!)
-leery jeery (for creepy men who leer at you)
-that’s weird
-that’s interesting

Books I've read recently:
-The Rape of Nanking
-Girls of Rijaad

Songs I could listen to over and over
-Old school R&B – Mary J Blige Real Love – Whitney Houston – I wanna dance with somebody
-Where Did My Baby Go by John Legend
- Tainted Love
-Always be my baby – Mariah Carey
-Mo Town Hits

Traits I'm attracted to in my friends (in no particular order)
-will be there for me when I need them – from a flat tire, to a breakup
-friends that got my back-if someone tries to jump me, they better jump in too!
-able to tell me that I’m being whack and need to improve
-can confront me openly and honestly..i hate the silent treatment and pettiness
-good supporters and listeners
-can let loose!
-down to earth
-shopping buddies!
-able to laugh out loud
--friends that I can chill on the couch and watch the Hills with, to travel the world with, to attend church with, to go to the club with: I’m real hard core with the friends I have…most of my friends are the kind that I’ve known for years and that I can trust completely…I’ve keeping a tally of future bridesmaids!

I tag everybody!