Updates...from being sick- to being in a minority based sorority- to doing more makeup!

Hi Bellas,

It’s been a crazy week. Sorry for being a bit MIA…I ran out of back up posts lol. As you all know, I had my wedding gig this weekend, Saturday to be exact. All went well…I got a lot of compliments on the makeup. I’ll be doing a more thorough post of what I learned and include pics and all that good stuff in a separate entry.

So like everybody and their mama, I’ve been sick once again. This really isn’t a surprise because I’m always sick…I’d say at least 50% of the time. It started on Friday when I was feeling a little weak…it didn’t help that it was raining the day of the wedding and I was running around without an umbrella, and up from 5am. Sighhhh…I think the whole infusion of pollen has something to do with it as well. I’m recovering now, I think I'm back to suffering from regular old allergies.

This week is another busy one for me. It’s my sorority’s founders week. For those of you who don’t know what it is…it’s a week to celebrate the founding of a chapter with an event each day. Many of the multicultural sororities and fraternities do this, and you have to reserve your week early in advance. This week is especially significant to me because I'm a founding sister of my chapter and this year celebrates our 5 year anniversary. Even though I’ve already graduated, I’m still extremely active with my sorority…it truly is a lifelong commitment. On top of it all, I’m also chapter advisor. The really cool thing about our sorority is that we’re super close to all the chapters in the area…there really is no need to compete since we’re a rather small organization, founded in 1975.

With that said, tonight I’ll be attending Georgia State University’s probate show. For those who aren’t familiar, a probate is a show where members of an orientation class “reveal themselves” to the public. Most often, the new members of a multi-cultural frat or sorority are kept secret and it's a big event to see who ends up joining what organization. The show usually involves costumes, and doing chants and traditions in front of a big group of people…mainly a crowd consisting of multi-cultural greeks. I’ve been requested to do the makeup of our new members in the probate…I gave them two options…if they want the whole shebang, foundation, concealer, primer and makeup…they’d have to pay me a kit fee of $20. This really isn’t bad because there are 4 girls and it ends up being $5 a piece for the use of my product. Of course they picked the free option where I’ll only do eyes, lips, and cheeks, lol. They are responsible for their own foundation and mascara so I don’t have to use my stuff. I’m also rushing to GA state right after I get out of work at 5pm and the show is at 7pm which doesn’t give me a lot of time to do the makeup! Our sorority colors are burgundy and grey…so I’m doing a burgundy and grey smokey eye (lol the newbies get so excited to wear anything with our colors), pink cheeks, and subtle pink lips. It’s easy! I budgeted 20 minutes for the four girls which should definitely give me enough time.

I did a run-through on my roomy last night and so far I think I’m using burnt burgundy pigment, hepcat, and print eyeshadows. I’ll post pics later!

Till then, thanks for hanging in there with me guys. Ciao bellas!