I love and appreciate each and every one of you...

So I was reading Nessa’s blog like I do every day, and saw how she gave a special shout out to some special readers out there who take time to comment on a regular basis.

I decided to do the same...except I am personally listing every blog I have listed in my links to the side b/c honestly, I try to read each of their blogs every single day. They all give me a wealth of knowledge, make me laugh, smile and contemplate...and definitely make my work day pass a heck of a lot faster! If I didn’t feel this way, I wouldn’t have linked them. They are all sweethearts..we’re all at different stages of our makeup learning...but I like it that way. That gives everyone and opportunity to both teach and learn from one another. I love you guys! I feel like I found a second family in the blogging community-one that truly understands a passion of mine, and sometimes even more so than people I know in my “real” life.

So with that said-here’s a shout out to my top ladies (we need to get some more dudes doing the beauty blogging yall!)

• Alien Man
• Amy from AskMeMakeup
• Anne
• Beautyhasnoboundaries
• Christiana
• d0rksta
• Ethereal Prey
• Fei
• Gezebel
• Girl Meets Makeup
• Lisa
• LynaV
• Mandi
• Mayaari
• Mrs. Lynne
• Pursebuzz
• Specktra-Blog with everything you want to know about MAC
• Stephie
• Swtginbug
• Temptalia
• Tiffany
• Toon3y
• Vanessa Garcia/Nessasary Makeup
• yummy411