Fafi Event

Hi Bellas,

Wow, I had a longgggg weekend. Currently I'm at work, TRYING to be productive but everyone is out for the day except myself and one other member on my team. Not to mention I'm super exhausted! Not only was it a long weekend, it was an expensive one too! Friday was my roomy's suprise party that we hosted in our apt's club house. We had food catered, decorated, ordered a specialty cake, and got her tickets to the lion king. Luckily I split the costs with my two other friends, but with everything we dropped $150 each, yikes! So after a late Friday night ending around 3am, I had to wake up to be at a bridal shower Saturday at 11am. I will say it was beautiful and so much fun. My table and I won a prize for a game where you had to turn a slice of poundcake into a decorated wedding cake. Fortunately, many of us at my table were avid viewers of the food channel and their awesome cake contests, so we took home the prize. I wish I could have taken pictures. After that ended around 2:30, my crew and I headed out to a warehouse sale. Basically, they bring together a bunch of chic boutiques in the area, and they set up shop in a warehouse and sell all their clothing up to 80% off. I was picking up $250 dresses for $30. I got 2 dresses, 1 shirt, and 2 pairs of bright colored tights for about $100. Pretty good deal for designer duds. After that we had to head over to the "Adult Items" store to pick up some toys for the bachelorette party. LOL, it was definitely an interesting experience. My roomy and I felt slightly uncomfortable with some of the "apparatus'" in the store...in the end we left with a coupon book and some edible massage oil.

From there we picked up food and immediately had to get ready for the bachelorette party in the evening. No time for a nap :( We got to the hotel, played games, there was even a stripper! LOL that was a first for me. Then we went out to the club where the bride to be did a bunch of dares. We ended up leaving early around 1:30 a.m. b/c we had brunch the next day with our roomy's mom. Her birthday was actually Sunday. So the next morning we dragged ourselves out of bed, had a great brunch. Then me and the birthday girl came home, got ready for the MAC Fafi event at 5pm. We got home around 7pm and I took a 5 HOUR nap. I could use another one, but that will wait after grocery shopping tonight. Whewww! Big weekend.

So to the FAFI event. This was my first unveiling and WOW all I can say is WOW. When my roomy and I got there was a line already wrapped around through a hallway. We could hear the loud DJ music blasting outside of the closed doors. We finally got in, signed the graffiti wall after waiting 20 minutes in line, and it was a madhouse in there!

They served beer, finger foods, and all the MAC artists were dressed in their FAFI shirts and had on cute makeup. I'm definitely going to recreate the look from the flyer with the white and black eyeliner. I had to wait for about 30 minutes before I could get some help with the colleciton b/c i wanted to make sure and try everything before I got it. I spent about $210...less than my $250 budget. The makeup artist was super nice, but he kinda sucked on putting makeup on me. I didn't mention it in my you tube video b/c I didn't want to be offensive but I can be honest with you guys. Maybe it's b/c he doesn't do makeup well on Asians? My roomy who's Colombian just looked at me with a grimace after she saw the makeup. In the video you can see how the eyeshadow looks non-existant on me...and I had to wipe off some of the gloss he put on me b/c it was super clumpy. Oh well! I'll do a look tonight and hopefully it comes out a little better.

So all in all...my thoughts on this collection. I was kinda disappointed. I picked up a lot of the items purely because of the packaging and so that I could add it to my collection. The eyeshadows are pretty tame...I guess this is a good look for spring but I was expecting bolder colors like from the C-Shock collection, which unfortunately I missed out on. I picked up Fafi Eyes 2 b/c honestly the colors in Fafi Eyes one looked like a basic white pink and charcoal, and I already had the pink venus e/s which was in that quad. The Irridescent Pressed Powder I got was pretty, I will say. It's my first IPP. The blush I got (Hipness) I also really liked. A lot of the paint pots seemed pretty basic...especially the pinks. I ended up getting Rollickin' (aqua blue) b/c I missed out on Electro Sky from the McQueen collection and they're kinda similar. I also got Cashflow paint pot b/c it's a nice metallic goldish green. I also picked up a few lippies...I will say the bright pink gloss is hot! I really like bright colors and I found it in this lipgloss. One makeup artist in particular rocked it and it was to die for...I think she paired it with a purple lipstick to give it a glossy fuscia/purple sheen. If only I took pictures! I only got 2 lipglasses and one lipstick b/c the rest were so so. Lastly, I picked up a fafi doll and a makeup bag to round out the purchases. I think i'll put the Fafi bag in my purse as a makeup bag and call it a day.

If I were you, I wouldn't go crazy and buy all the items unless you want to collect them for the packaging. You could skip the quads in my opinion. The colors are not all that and could probably be found in other permenent items. Some of the paintpots are definitely worthy, some aren't. The blush I got was really pretty as well as the IPP. Maybe get one or two lip products. All in all, you could end up spending $100 and get more than enough stuff from this collection. I hope heatherette is a little better...

See my videos below part I and II for swatches, my thoughts, and reviews:

I also did a look last night using Fafi Eyes 2 Quad. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of these eyeshadows. I found the colors too sheer and not really going well together. I went for a basic anyone can wear look so I hope you guys enjoy!