Why do I want more fafi?

Hi Bellas,

How’s it going over there. So I’ve been officially reprimanded for me being on the internet too much. I was in HR meeting with her about moving to a new team for other reasons, and she mentioned that two managers had told her that I was on the internet a lot and that this was against company policy. Yikes! I didn’t get in trouble really, but that means no more ABB, beauty blogs, you tube, specktra, or anything during work hours. I also try to read everyone’s blogs daily, but now it will be more during my nighttime hours. Sorry guys! Can’t get into trouble!

So today is the official release date of the FAFI collection. Are you guys heading out there? I think I’m going to pick up the blush in fashion frenzy. I didn’t get it at first, but after reading Nessa’s blog…I think I will pick it up. I don’t have dollymix, which is supposed to be similar. Also, Mathieu, a boy wearing makeup, on you tube wore it for his Fafi’s Valentines look and he loves it! I think I will also pick up nice vice paint pot since it was sold out, two of the other fafi dolls I didn’t get (for collecting purposes-they WILL stay in the box) a pink paint pot (not sure which one yet) and fun n sexy lipstick, which was also sold out at the time. That’s it!

Have you guys ever clicked on the links portion underneath any you tube videos you‘ve ever posted? Why have I never noticed this before? My BF pointed it out to me last night. He said it’s because one of my videos before was linked on pursebuzz…I was like huh? I’ve always wished she would do that! Too bad I guess that must have been one of the days I was off with my daily reading of my blog. I looked on the links and I was randomly linked to a few blogs. One was in Portuguese! Wow that was so cool! LOL, sorry I sound like a dork. But it’s amazing how far our blogs reach people. Mrs. Lynne left a comment on one of my last entries saying it was fab how we could share these things over thousands and thousands of miles. It’s amazing isn’t it?

So my co-worker called me over to her desk today. She calls me her “makeup expert”. She wanted my opinion on what to get from www.eyeslipsface.com or ELF as many of us like to call it. She was so cute…she was like “what’s mascara for?” Awww, a newbie (and she’s almost 30!). Again everything on here is $1 except the make up bags. I suggest you split it with your friends so that way you get free shipping after $75.

Anywho, I’ll be working on my funky fafi look tonight. I’ll get the video out soon. Ciao bellas!