MultiMisting By Pixi

Hi Bellas,

Have you ever tried Multimisting?  Or maybe you've never heard of it?   Multimisting is customizing your Makeup Setting Sprays for your skin type and the occasion.  I think this is pretty cool.  I've seen multi-masking with face masks and now we've evolved to using different setting sprays because every one is not made equal.  Check it out!

Pixi Beauty sent over a set of different Misting Sprays.  I've been rotating them in my schedule and i'm loving it.  

In particular, I've been loving the Vitamin Makeup Mist.  I use it after cleansing my skin and it servers as a toner with Orange Blossom, Lavendar and Citrus Extracts.

For all my dry skin types out there, the Hydrating Milky Mist contains Hyaluronic Acid and Black Oat to add moisture back into the skin.  This would be great for applying before makeup or after if you find your skin starting to look dry or flaky.  

The Glow Mist contains Argan Oil and Propolis.  This is your spray to get that dewy look.  It also contains aloe vera and 21 different oils to keep your skin ultra hydrated.

The Makeup Fixing Mist contains Rose Water and Green Tea to keep makeup from melting and settling into fine lines.  This is great for oily skin or anyone who wants their makeup to last all day.

There's a mist for everybody.  I can see myself starting my day with the Vitamin Makeup Mist to tone.  Using the Hydrating Milky Mist before makeup to make sure my skin is well hydrated for product, the Makeup Fixing Mist after to set my makeup, and the Glow Mist throughout the day to rehydrate.  The options are endless!

You can find these products at or at Target.