4 Ways to Achieve a Natural Bridal Makeover

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share with you a before and after from a recent bridal trial.  My Bride to Be was very natural.  She prefers light makeup and wanted just enough to maker her look polished for her big day.  This got me thinking...on Instagram and Social Media we see tons of tips for dramatic makeovers, but not enough for a natural look.  So I gathered 4 easy tips that any non-MUA can accomplish for her big day.  Check it out!
Here is the before and after!  Natural and just enough for her big day.

1) Instead of false strip lashes, apply individual flare lashes.  They will give your eyes a list but won't look or feel heavy.  I place them on the client's natural lash line where her lashes are sparse.  Dip the knot in glue and just place them on your lashline with your fingers or a pair of tweezers.

Image result for easy individual flare lashes

2) To get a natural lip color, take your lip color and pat it on the lips to create a stain instead of swiping it.  That way, you can just enough color without going over the top.
Image result for lipstick
3) Fill in your eyebrows with a color slightly lighter than your natural hair color.  That way, your brows won't appear too dark when you fill them in.
Image result for brown brow powder
4) Apply a color correcting primer before foundation.  In this case, I used a peach primer to even out her overall skin tone.  That way, I used less foundation in the end.

Image result for peach primer
Hope these tips were helpful!  If you're interested in booking me for your bridal makeup, visit my professional Makeup Artist website at www.RenelynThomas.com