FOTD: Bedroom eyes

Hi Bellas,

Today's look is all about the lash.  I tried out a new style and i'm curious your opinion on it.  I'm rocking the House of Lashes Boudoir Mini Lash.  Check it out!

To make my eyes look bigger, I tend to go for a flared lash with the outside lashes being longer.  The Boudoir Lash is different, the longer pieces are in the middle, giving it more of a doll like effect.

I think they make my eyes look rounder but not necessarily bigger.  I do like this Mini style though because I don't actually have to trim the lash to make it fit my eye.

I purposely chose a simple matte, neutral eye to show off the lashes.  What do you think?  Are you a fan or nah?

You can find these lashes at