Product Review: Silisponge - Hype or Hate?

Hi Bellas,

So I finally got a chance to test out the infamous Silisponge.  It's been making it's way through viral videos for a while now and I wanted to give it a shot.  Unfortunately I'm a little late on the band wagon because this product was out of stock for a while but I finally have it to review.  Check it out!

The premise behind this silicone sponge is that it's easy to use, won't grow bacteria like a typical sponge, and will waste less product since it has no pores.

My order came with two sponges which is pretty nifty.  I can have one for me and one for my kit.

It came shipped in this simple foil pouch. 

You can see that it's pretty thick.  It's soft but still got a firmness to it.  I tried it with a bunch of products - foundation, highlight, and contour.

Overall, I found that it was a little awkward to hold.  It really should have a smaller end so you can fit it into small areas like around the eyes.  I found that it was able to apply product to my face but it didn't really look good - it just sat on top of my skin.  The clean freak in me loves that you can clean this really easily and it's a more sanitary product since there are no pores or bristles that harvest bacteria.  

But honestly, I'll stick with my beauty blender and brushes.  I just don't like the way product looks when applied. 

I purchased my SiliSponge from Molly Cosmetics.  It's not expensive, you can get two for under $10 but they're always sold out and then once you do order it, it takes a while to ship.  However, I notice a ton of brands are now selling their own version.  Have you tried the silisponge?  Let me know in the comments below!