FashionNova Haul and Review

Hi Bellas,

I've been on a fashion haul spree this summer.  I decided to do something a bit different.  Instead of just holding up the pieces in a clothing haul, I'm going to try the pieces on and give you a review of the item.  I picked up some pieces from Fashion Nova as they've been all over YouTube and instagram lately.  Check out my review!

I was honestly most excited about getting some of their jeans as they're known for being high waisted and very figure flattering.  While I was on the site, I also decided to browse clearance.  I knew I had a Miami trip coming up and was looking for some sexy dresses.  I purchased at least $75 and was able to get super fast and free 2 day shipping, thumbs up!

Onto the pieces!

This dress is only $11.99 on clearance but they only have ivory left.  I got a size large, as you can see it runs tight.  It's definitely sexxyyyy.  I think I would only rock this on a vacay to somewhere like Miami or Vegas.  I'm not quite comfortable showing this much skin and may wait till I drop 5-10 more pounds before rocking it.

Knaughty Girl Dress - Blush
I can't find this dress online but it's not even worth buying.  It looks and feel cheap.  I like the color but the material and construction is just bad.  Unfortunately you can't return clearance items, part of the risk of buying online.

Gray Wrap Dress
I wanted to get a dress that was a little more modest than the others lol.  It's a classic wrap style and got pretty good reviews.  I think it would look really cute worn with booties for the fall.  I got a size medium because this one doesn't have a bodycon fit.  I don't see this on the site anymore because it's clearance.  I will say that the material is pretty thin and you might need to wear spanx underneath.

These jeans cost $34.99 which is a pretty decent price.  It also got tons of popular reviews.  After reading the reviews that said they run true to size and are stretchy, I decided to get a size 9.  When I got them I was so surprised at how small they looked, omg these are so tight!  I can  manage to get them on but they don't have as much stretch as the other jeans I bought but are the same size.  I did notice that of the two jeans I bought they are different brands vs being a fashion nova brand.  I'm sure that between these independent labels the sizing differs.  This will make it tricky ordering different styles on the site in the future, especially because you don't know which brand you're getting as all Fashion Nova Jeans are generically titled on the site - i.e. dark blue classic high waist jeans.  Thank goodness these are high waisted so they hold everything in.  

These jeans were a little pricier at  $39.99 and I also got a size 9.  I was so surprised because these jeans fit much looser than the previous pair.  They've got more stretch and are in general bigger.  As a short person I don't have a problem with these being too long size they're so fitted that they tend to bunch at the bottom.  I like the casual medium blue rinse and fading of this denim - you can dress them up or down.

I hope this review helped, especially when it comes to purchasing of their jeans.  When I bought these I also found a random coupon code online - lots of YouTubers/Instagrammers review them and have coupon codes.  Happy shopping!