Customize Your Skincare! Introducing CoverFX Custom Infusion Drops

Hi Bellas,

CoverFX has done it again.  They've added more products under their Customization Umbrella.  You can now customize your skincare with their amazing new release of Custom Infusion Drops.  I filmed a video on how to use this new breakthrough product and go over the range which has a formula for everyone.
Check out the video!

The premise behind CoverFX Custom Infusion Drops are to add these facial oils enriched with vitamins and naturally beneficial ingredients to your existing skincare products.  Each CID has benefits - from Radiance, to Hydration, to Anti-Aging and Calming.  Essentially you can add a few drops of CID to any existing liquid or cream skincare product, and I've even tried mixing it with my foundations, love! 

First off, let's talk about the packaging.  You get a frosted glass container and a tear dropper to get exact amounts of the product you want.  It's very vanity worthy.  I think of it as French Pharmacy Chic.

 Let's go over the different formulas.  First off, as usual the products are paraben and mineral oil free, so no worries there!

Hydration combines F + Neroli to hydrate dry and damaged skin.  This one is for all my dry girls out there, like moi!  I think this will be a great item to add to your fall/winter skincare routines.  Customize your existing summer moisturizers with a few drops of the Hydration Custom Infusion Drops to give you added moisture during the Winter months.  

Radiance combines Vitamin C + Lemongrass to revitalize dull looking skin.  I love Vitamin C in my skincare as it definitely gives a boost to the skin while Lemongrass naturally tones.  This is what I like to use when I go through those periods where my skin gets too used to its current routine and I need a pick me up.  I love mixing this with my foundation for a super glowy tinted moisturizer.

Calming combines Vitamin E + Chamomile to sooth sensitive or irritated skin.  I love using this as a bedtime routine to calm down my skin after a rough day.  Drink it with your chamomile tea and you have instant spa time.  This is great for those of us with allergies or super sensitive skin.

Anti-Aging combines Vitamin A + Jasmine to hydrate, revive and refresh skin.  I love any products that have anti-aging properties because they are always super nourishing and great for preventing wrinkles and fine lines.  I use this everyday mixed in with my serum.  Combining the CIDs with any skincare routine always makes it glide on and blend in much easier with the skin.  In my video I even mixed in the CIDs with my Sunscreen for a more nourishing vacation skincare routine!

I always say that if you're going to invest in anything, it's your skin.  Your makeup only looks as good as the skin underneath.  Facial oils have really changed my complexion and I love that CoverFX came out with some customizable drops to add to your existing skincare and makeup routines.  You can find these products at

FTC Disclosure:  I am a brand ambassador for CoverFX.  I am affiliated with the company and paid to make this post.  These are as always, my honest thoughts and opinions.