CoverFX Find Your Shade Event Recap & Pics!

Hi Bellas,

I cannot wait to tell you all about my CoverFX Find Your Shade event at Sephora.  It was an awesome time.  Many of you came to support me and I can't thank you enough.  I had a blast meeting with everyone and discovering the perfect products for them as well as hanging with the CoverFX Crew.  Check out my pics!

First off, it was an honor to chat with Vic Casale, CoverFX Chief Innovation Officer and Brand Founder.  As a Cosmetic Scientist having been in the industry for many man years (also an original Founding Partner of MAC Cosmetics) he shared so much valuable data about what goes into makeup.  He flew all the way from Toronto to attend the event and I am so grateful.

Vic designed the products with ingredients in mind.  He brought test tubes that included many of the ingredients found in the CoverFX products.  For example, chamomille is used for calming properties.  Many people claim they can't wear makeup because it irritates the skin - if this is you, you need to try the line.  Also, all of the dozens of shades in the foundation line is made from just 4 shades of natural occuring Iron Oxide - crazy right!

Many of the guests got shade matched and were able to find the perfect product for their skin tone, coverage preference and lifestyle.  

The CoverFX CC Cream was a huge hit!  It's so easy to wear and great for your skin.  I can't wait for the new BB Gel to release in the next few weeks.  My Oily Skin guys and gals are going to love it!  

Here I am wearing a full face of CoverFX to the event.  I love the Total Cream Cover Foundation because it can be used from sheer to max coverage and gives such a flawless look.  I bronzed and highlighted with Suntan Bronzer and Sunlight Illuminator - the perfect combo for summer skin.  I also used a gorgeous mauve lip gloss from their line which looked great with my berry toned dress.

I want to give a huge thank you to CoverFX and Sephora for sponsoring the event.  Make sure to check out to find these products and to find your perfect shade online.

FTC Disclosure:  I am affiliated with the brand and being paid to make this post.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.