Asian Bridal Makeup Pt 2: Purple Smokey Glam

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share part two of the Asian Wedding I did recently.  For the evening Western ceremony, we wanted something a bit more fun and dramatic.  A lot of my brides love purple eyeshadow on their big day.  Check it out!
Again, I broke out my Stila Eyeshadows to get a mix of lavender and brighter purple.
The key is to blend blend blend so it's still on the subtle side.  My bride is a non makeup wearer so it took a bit of coaching to get her to try the look - we also went from an xs length to the short length in the 747 style of lashes.  
We finished off the look with a deeper pinky red lip and tons of a cheek highlight and also on her arms and shoulders.
Hope you guys enjoyed!  I don't do weddings as much as I used to because I'm so involved with blogging and makeup events but I'm always glad to be a part of someone's big day.