Come with me to get a Blow Out! dryBar Atlanta Review

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another hair post!  I'm on a roll for 2012!  For New Years, I wanted to get a blow out and I knew just where to go.  A few weeks before that I had purchased a groupon for the Atlanta location of drybar - a hair salon specializing in blow outs!  This was a brand new location.  I had heard of this chain before and was so excited that Atlanta was finally going to get its share of awesome blow outs.

Check out the 5 minute video!  You can see my blow-out experience from beginning to end. 

I had seen other bloggers review this salon before and was excited to see how my experience would compare.  You see, for years my friends and I have been in search for the perfect blow-out.  We've had many failed attempts and the one stylist who got it right charged way too much.  My perfect blow-out is accomplished with a round brush and a blow dryer and that's it...I like a lot of volume and large, loose waves...some ends flipped out and in...does that make sense?
This time around I was getting my hair done the day before a NYE party.  I wanted something similar to that pictured above...but also something that would last till the next day.
I had a 1:30pm appointment on a beautiful Friday.  Here are some shots I took of the salon:
Super cute inside
Menu of Services
Wall of products
They had two long rows of chairs and in the back was the wash area...the salon itself wasn't huge but they made good use of the space
In the middle there's a can read magazines, or watch the TV playing chick flicks...however, you're not facing a mirror like you typically would in a salon.  In some other reviews I had heard they passed out old school candy for sale but I didn't see any.
Here is a menu of the different types of looks you can get...there are 9 blow out styles to choose from and you can also choose to get an "Up-Tini" or updo.
I went for a medly between the Cosmo-Tai (I like the big loose curls)
And the Southern Comfort (like I mentioned I like volume)
Here are the products that were on the counter in front of me...I love how they use the Moroccan Oil line

The Final Look!

From the front it doesn't look like anything too special.  Kinda just like I curled my hair.  I think by the time I got home it had flattened out a bit.  My hair is heavy so it's hard for me to keep volume at the top.  That's why I like blowouts with focus on blowing out the crown in a vertical motion.
From the back though, I think it looks gorgeous.
  • I love the idea of a salon that specializes in blow-outs
  • Quick process - in and out in an hour
  • The "Floater" aka 10 minute scalp massage that they do while washing your hair is awesome! Totally worth the $10
  • Affordable...all blowouts are $35 (I paid less with my groupon)
  • Cute decor
  • They work with all hair types - I saw a diverse group of clients and stylists
  • I like how they have a TV playing chick flicks (we were watching 17 dresses)
  • Receptionist was super friendly (she helped me film my video) 
  • Liked how they use Moroccan Oil products
  • My stylist was nice but not super friendly...I guess I'm used to the video you'll notice that I was silent most of the time lol.  I think he got nervous with my filming he he
  • I think blow outs can be achieved with a blow dryer, round brush and expert technique - the use of flat irons, teasing and curling irons seems unnecessary to me (personal opinion).  
  • My hair fell flat only a few hours later
  • The design of the studio has your back facing away from the is probably unintentional but I prefer to see the progress of my hair along the way so that I can make comments and ask questions along the the end it's like "Surprise!  Here's your hair, you're done!" LOL
Final Thoughts
In the end, I do think my hair came out really pretty.  The scalp massage was hair was soft and I really did like the style.  However, I think I could have accomplished the same thing with a curling iron.  Like I mentioned, my personal preference is to have an expert blow out with just the brush and blow dryer.  Instead of my hair being teased and curled, I would prefer positioning the round brush in a vertical motion to get ultimate body.  I let the hair stylist use his technique because I wanted to keep my mind open and try something new.  Hair is very personal and as a makeup artist I understand that everyone has their style and preferences - in the end it's just hair!

Would I Recommend?  Yes
In the end, I did enjoy the experience....and actually I do plan on going back.  I have one more groupon to use and I hope to try a new stylist.  This time I'll explain my vision more and i'm excited to see what I get!

You can find your nearest location at  It's a cute website but not the easiest to navigate in my opinion - I prefer simple, streamlined designs where I don't have to look around for information...look to the small picture icons on the screen as your menu.

Have you guys tried the drybar before?  Let me know in the comments below!

FTC Disclosure:  Post not paid for with my own money.

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