Makeup Artist Series: Qosmedix Disposables

Hi Bellas,

In order to have a properly stocked makeup kit, you need disposables.  These items are meant to be used on a one time basis and discarded after each use.  They make for sanitary makeup application and they also speed up the job.  I've featured disposables once before here, but recently had the opportunity to test out some samples from a popular Makeup Artist Disposables supplier called Qosmedix.  This is worth checking out if you're looking to equip your kit.
I got a bunch of disposables to try out.  Each picture shows the name and price.  You'll notice that they're all very affordable when bought in bulk.  I also give you my thoughts on each type of item.

Standard doe foot lip gloss wands, these come in handy especially for larger gigs like weddings.
Cotton pads for removing makeup...I happen to prefer the quilted kind.
Standard wedge sponge.  Low density. They have a high density one that I prefer more.
Foundation brush, for $2.98 it's pretty good.  No shedding or issues.
 These are some of the nicest disposable lip brushes I've seen.  They've got real bristles and they can be reused.
Wow, talk about cheap!  I mean, everyone needs q-tips in their kit!
These pop lip containers come in handy. They're really good for storing lip product that you can give to a bride (from a squeezy tube container), and you don't have to worry about losing this lid.
This is actually a really good price...I usuallly get them from ebay for more expensive.  I also use these for storing give away lip product or even pigments.
These are good sponges...I like that they're high density and they work great.
These are pretty cool-they're disposable head bands for clients.  I usually just use hair clips to pin back client's hairs but this would probably work better.
Disposable spray bottles come in very handy for smaller kits.  I actually used these in my travel bag for brush cleanser and MAC fix plus.
These are cool mascara wands...great for getting into tiny lashes like lower lashes.
Standard mascara wands, this is a really good price.
Mini spatulas...I don't use these too often.  But I can see them coming in handy.
Even though these are old school they come in handy.  This is the only tool I use to apply loose glitter to the eye.  Use it and toss it and you don't have to worry about cleaning glitter out of your brushes.
I actually really like these spatulas.  They have a really wide scoop which let's you work directly from it.  Scoop a little cream product out and it's a mini spatula and palette in one.
Jumbo sponge applicators!
These are the kind of cotton pads I like...the texture keeps the material together and it really helps remove the makeup well.

Bottom line, you're not going to find a better price for disposables.  I recommend that you buy in bulk and split with a friend or two.  I'm really impressed with the selection of different disposables.  Items like these are essential for makeup artists...not only for being sanitary but for cutting down time when you have larger gigs.

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FTC Disclosure:  Products sponsored for review.  I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.