False EyeLashes Haul - Cheaper by the Dozen!

Hi Bellas,

It's time for another haul.  This one is from about two months ago, but I still thought it to be relevant.  It's all about lashes.  Whenever I buy lashes for myself and my kit, I buy a bunch at a time...it's cheaper that way.  In this post I feature some of my must-haves.

The first group of lashes was purchased from the wholesale site called www.RockeyTrading.com .  I've featured lashes from them before and I like how the lashes end up being about $1 a pair when purchased by the dozen.  Unfortunately some of my favorites were sold out.  I'm not sure how often they re-stock.  Keep in mind the minimum purchase is $75.
I thought that these would be like Ardell 108s but they're still a bit longer.  I'll still use them for a more natural look.
To be honest, I don't remember ordering these lol.  I guess it can't hurt to have them though...they look spikey and funky, but on they just give a thicker look at the base, and lengthened look at the tips.
This 747 lash comes in various lengths.  I usually get the Red Cherry version but honestly they're pretty much the same.  A lot of lashes even have the same style numbers.
The XS (extra short) style would be great for adding some extra volume but keeping the length natural.
 This is the longer version...great for larger eyes.
I think these are similar to the Ardells 120s but they're a little longer - great for a dramatic, sexy look.

This next batch is purchased from my local Beauty Supply store.  Like I mentioned, Rockey Trading was sold out of my favorite 747s lashes.  You'll see the blue box lashes at most beauty supply stores for about $2, not a bad deal.
These are my go-to lash the 747s.  They look good on everyone.  I usually use the Red Cherry version...I think this version is a little bit on the long side.  I prefer the Red Cherries.  Also, the blue and white plastic packaging is a bit bulky.
Here is the medium length.
A few more variations of the Ardell 120s - can you tell that I like the wispy look?
I like these KISS lashes, thumbs up!

Do you guys have any favorite styles?  Let me know in the comments below.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

FTC Disclosure:  Products purchased by me.