My Top 10 MAC Glosses

Hi Bellas,

I apologize for my two day absence.  I had a bout of food poisoning and then I needed to prepare for a presentation in class yesterday.  The presentation went well, I'm recovered and I'm back with another post!  I'm hoping to get my video editing system working so I can finally get a new video up.  Meanwhile, I'm continuuing my series on my favorite MAC products.  I've already featured my favorite lipsticks and eyeshadows.  Today I'll be focusing in on my favorite glosses - or lipglasses, gelees, lustreglasses, whatever you want to call them, lol.
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These are all go to colors in my kit and personal collection.  Sadly many of these are limited edition. I haven't bought from the new collections in a little while.  These are a mix between lustreglasses, lipglasses and I threw in a lip gellee.

1) MAC Viva Glam V - This is the perfect mid-tone mauve that looks great on absolutely everyone.

2) Chai - This is an awesome nude over Siss Lipstick.  It's a little on the neutral side so make sure to wear a liner with it...looks great on women of color.

3) Bateaux - I love this color over a neutral brown lip liner.  It gives that goldy gloss look reminiscent of Destiny's Child back in the day.  It's great to give pop to the lips for those who are scared of color.  Too bad it's limited edition...

4) Lychee Luxe - Awesome coral color which isn't too orange.  Gives a bright pop to the lips.  Great for that bitten lip look and I use it to warm up the lips for women of color and use it to give that springy fresh vibe to lighter skin tones.

5) C-Thru - The ultimate nude gloss. Looks great on everyone.  It's got a bit of sheerness to it which makes it more wearable.

6) Revealing - How many nude glosses can I have on my list right?  Well let's face it, nude is in right now, and a lot of my clients like the look.  Revealing is more on the caramel side, and it looks super hot on women of color.

7) Clear - You gotta have clear.  It's a must-have to give that extra glossy look.  The MAC clear lipglass is a bit sticky but it works at giving that super shiny look that many of my clients love.  This really beats out most regular clear glosses in the market.  I've been rocking this since middle school and it's still going strong.

8) Luminary - This is an awesome color for giving that dewy look to the lips.  Apply it right in the center of the bottom lip.  It's pinky gold, reflective color works with any lipstick.  This is a trick I use for a lot of brides.

9) MAC Viva Glam VI - This is another really color which is great for my girly girly clients who love a pink lip.  It has a slight plum tone to it which is great because if a client has naturally darker lips, it still looks good on top.  Sometimes if you go to light on gloss on darker toned lips, it looks ashy - not with this one.  One of my brides stole it, lol, but I definitely need to replenish it ASAP.

10) MAC Saplicious Lip Gelee - Another great nude.  It's a warm toned, sheer nude with gold shimmer that looks great on everyone.  I love nude glosses that don't make your lips look dead.  I love how it's in a squeezy tube because i'll put some in a 5 gram jar to give my clients as part of their touch-up.  I wish all the glosses were like this because it's quicker to pop it on a palette to apply.

11)Heatherette Lipglass - As you can see, I only have one hot pink gloss in my collection but I'm a big fan of a bright, fuchsia lip.  Sadly, this one is limited edition.  I just love how it's a deeper, richer magenta color.  It looks super fierce on everyone.

I hope you all enjoyed my post.  I haven't bought any MAC lipglasses in a while.  For a minute there, I fell into the MAC trend of only picking up the limited edition items.  I know there are some MAC permanent classics out there that I've always wanted to try...Pink Poodle, Love Nectar, Oh Baby...what do you guys recommend?  Tell me what colors you like and what skin tone you are and i'll add it to my shopping list, thanks!

FTC Disclosure:  All products purchased myself.

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