Friday, August 6, 2010

MAC Dare to Wear Haul

Hi Bellas,

Believe it or not, I have a MAC haul.  It's been several months since I bought a good amount from a new collection and I made to sure to make a haul video for you all.  I know that some of you missed my MAC hauls but honestly, many collections didn't really catch my eye until this one came around.  I couldn't resist the bright, matte shadows and super colorful glosses.

Check out my video!

Here are the shadows, pretty right?  Love the super bright colors.  After swatching though, I see that some are better than others.  Many of the finishes are matte, but i prefer matte2.

Almost forgot sky blue!

Swatches! These were swatched dry with a q-tip.  Some colors swatch a lot easier than others.  Shock-a-holic did not wanna show up that much.

MAC Dare to Wear Lipglasses

The packaging really prevents you from getting a good amount of product on the doe foot applicator.  It takes about 6 dumps to a regular 2 to get enough for your lips.  Kinda annoying.  Check out the video for live lip swatches.

If you have any ideas for a tutorial using these colors, let me know.  I'm taking suggestions!

FTC Disclosure:  All Products purchased by me.

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Tinuke said...

Thanks for this review. I already picked up two colors and will get more.

trinity said...

i've picked up "gimme that" and "dare to dare", love 'em... but now you've got me wanting "ban this"!!! :)

*Starsglittermagic* said...

WOW love these colours!! i love bright colours, defo adding these to my list =) xx

mina said...

Love those colours! What's the difference between matte & matte2?

DANA said...

Wow look at those colours!! Loving the colors of the lippies as well. What do you mean "matte" and "matte matte" ?? =)
Maybe you could do a bright sunny dramatic look... maybe something of the runway ^^v

Sami said...

I sometimes prefer matte eyeshadows too... the lip glosses look amazing! Sami x