Bridal Trial: Soft Purples

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share with you a bridal trial I did a few weeks ago.  The wedding was actually this weekend and I can't wait to show you pictures.  My client came in and wanted to keep it soft and natural but wanted to jazz it up with a hint of purple on her eyes.  The trial was super easy to deliver.  

Per the bride's request I incorporated purple into the eyes but still kept it natural.  The key to using color is to pick a neutral tone and fade it into the colorful shade.  In this case I used MAC's all that glitters on the inner third of the eye lid to help the look become more wearable.  We also filled in her eyebrows and you can see what a huge difference that does for the eye shape.  We kept the lips neutral and voila, blushing bride!

Here's What I Used:

MAC Sublime Nature Paint
Stars Makeup Haven Shadow
MAC Fig 1, All that Glitters, Texture, Bamboo, and Rice Paper Shadows
Red Cherry #213 Lashes
Black Waterproof Mascara

Face Atelier

MAC Cork Lip Pencil
MAC Bare Slimshine
MAC Dazzleglass

Hope you enjoyed!  For the actual wedding, we went a little heavier on the purple and she rocked it!  I'll make sure to share with you pictures of the bride on her wedding day.  Stay tuned!