Arpita's Indian Wedding Pics

Hi Bellas,

I wanted to share with you a few pictures from an Indian wedding I did a few weeks ago.  These are actually just a few shots I got on my camera and from the Bride's facebook page.  It was a great experience and the makeup turned out great.

This was one of my longer wedding gigs.  I had to end up staying the night in a hotel because the gig was so far away and required some travel.  We did two looks on the bride:  a more traditional, dramatic look for the ceremony, and a lighter look for the reception/party.

I actually did most of the makeup at the bride's house, then we went to the venue to finish up some of her bridesmaids and the rest of the bride's makeup.  Interestingly enough, the bride ended up going with a darker lip than she had originally planned from the trial.  I'm glad she did because it looked great on her.  On traveling gigs, it's helpful to have a lipstick palette and some extra colors just in case you need a color that you didn't plan on. 

Here's a shot of me and the bride after I finished her makeup.  Doesn't she look fab?  I had to stand on my tiptoes next to her because she was so tall!

Here's a shot of the bride, her two friends on the left and right of her, and her sister on the far right.  I also did their makeup.  I kind of played it by ear according to their outfits, their level of comfort with makeup, and their personality.  I also added a little bit of muscle definition to the bride by using sculpting and shaping powders to create abs.  Check out the definition!  This is a fun trick on Indian brides who often show a bit of skin in their outfits.
I wish I got a shot of the mother of the bride because her makeup was definitely a learning lesson.  She had a lot of discoloration on her face including deep, dark undereye circles as well as vitiligo marks right underneath them.  I used correctors and airbrush foundation to correct it.  Here's a shot of the bride and her sister.

After the ceremony I went to the hotel to quickly eat, nap and then get ready for phase two.  My bride wanted a more natural look for her reception where she'd be rocking more of a Western bridal look.  We went for soft pinks and champagnes.

Hope you all enjoyed, Ciao Bellas!