Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kim Kardashian's Shoe Dazzle Haul

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another haul and this time it's all about shoes!  This video is actually several weeks old, but I wanted to get it up regardless.  The ShoeDazzle line is promoted by Kim Kardashian and it's a monthly shoe club.  I've recently gotten a couple more pairs of shoes since then but I'll wait a few more weeks so I can do a collective haul.

To see the haul click here!
Check out the video!

If you're new to ShoeDazzle, here's how this monthly shoe club works:
  1. Take the style profile, it only takes a few minutes.
  2. Based on your profile, the ShoeDazzle stylist pick 5 pairs of shoes, handbags and jewelry for you to choose from.  If you don't like the 5 they choose, you can request they pick another five until you like it.  If you decide you don't want to buy for the month, just hit the Opt Out button by the end of the 1st week of the month and you won't be charged.
  3. Pick your favorite item.  Shipping is free.  If you decide you don't like it or you need a different size, they provide the shipping label for a free return or exchange.

-Cute shoes which you don't see everywhere
-Reasonable price, includes shipping
-Easy return policy
-Stylist picks for you make it easy and quickier to find shoes
-Easy to skip shoes for the month and not pay the monthly fee
-Payment is easy, they deduct from your card on file each month
-They now sell purses, jewelry and even jewelry attaches
-Shoes for take a style profile which picks the right style of shoes for you

-You can't try on the shoes before you purchase
-Some of the shoes I've gotten are uncomfortable

How to get 20% Off
You can find these shoes at
You can receive 20% off your first pair if I refer you...please email me at if you want to take advantage of this offer..every 3 people I refer I get a free pair of shoes!

FTC Disclosure:  All items purchased by me.

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bowensma said...

I would say almost all the shoes I have got from them are uncomfortable, but their cute

Miss♥Nikka said...

So tempted to join!

mina said...

I just joined last month! So sorry I can't help you with a referral. But I love ShoeDazzle! I got the Roxys for this month (black suede like pumps) and I'm thinking about getting the midge, I like the style but wish they were more neutral than pink. I love those blue ones you got!

Farah said...

I always wondered if shoe dazzle was worth it... cant wait to see what you got!

Amy Marie said...

hmm looks tempting

trinity said...

"mr. ftc guideline person"!! LOL i almost joined like three times... but right when i get to the end i change my mind... but you're making it very tempting!!!

Nicole said...

I have over 14 shoes I have purchased from there in the last month! I love them so much and they are so comfy! I got Melrose in both colors (black and taupe), Candid, Matinee, Blossom, Lucielle, Adie, Dallas, Juniper, Sabine, Lianna, Caressa, Catwalk, and Bliss in "Coffee no Cream"! I also got 4 bags and I love it all! I got a great NYX Makeup Kit from them too and a scarf set. oh and I got crystal wine corks from there too! Some of them were presents to others. some were to myself. But we all loved them! I am a customer for life! And if you ever have any problems customer service is so sweet and nice! I love Charlie, Josh, Maggie, and Anna from there! They are great! My returns went butter smooth too! Can't get enough!