Nokia N97 Mini Review

Hi Bellas,

Today's review is a little different from my typical cosmetic, beauty post.  I had the opportunity to test out Nokia's newest addition to their family the N97 mini (item was temporarily loaned out then returned to the company).  Today the beauty industry is so in tune with the world wide web that it's almost a requirement to have the necessary devices to keep you connected.  From online blogging, to YouTube videos and definitely helps to have a cell phone with the right applications.

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Since i'm not the most technologically adept person out there, I commissioned the BF to assist me with this review.  Here goes!

What I Liked:
I really liked the size of the N97 mini.  It fit  right into my current phone's holster and even easier into my  pocket.  It's pretty lightweight and very sleek looking.  The  sliding screen was quite innovative and felt sturdy.  The phone  really feels solid in your hands!

I enjoyed using the OVI store for apps.  I currently use an app-less  phone so the whole world apps was new and exciting. I cancelled my data plan because I didn't use it but the fact that the n97 mini was  wifi enabled made it easy to surf the web and check emails on the  go. The 5.0 megapixel camera was awesome.  I found myself snapping  pictures of everything and sending them to friends.  I can see  myself using the n97 mini on a daily basis.

Not So Much...
With the good, there was also some bad (not much).  First, the  price.  I know this model is new and new phones are usually an arm  and a leg, but in the $400-$500 range someone would more often than not choose the latest iphone.  The small size of the phone was  great, until I went to use the keyboard. People's hands are  different sizes but I found myself constantly hitting the wrong key when trying to type something due to the small spacing. Also, a  stylus would have been nice when using the touch screen ability of  the phone. Often times I resorted to using a writing pen cap.

In Sum
All in all, it's a great phone. Due to the hefty price, I would  recommend purchasing it in about a year or so.

-5.0 mega pixel camera

-Small keyboard
-No stylus

FTC Disclosure:  This product was sent to me by the company for review.  I have not been paid to write this review and am not affiliated with the company.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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