Makeup Lesson - Making Those Colors Pop!

Hi Bellas,

Today's post is from several weeks ago. I did a makeup lesson on a client...actually one of my YouTube/Blog viewers. It's always nice to meet my Subbies in person. Makeup lessons are actually a lot easier with them since they've seen videos and usually have lots of products I recommend, lol.

To see the before and after, click here!
My client had a lot of makeup!  She even brought her little Sterlite makeup drawers, he he.  Not only did she have all the necessities, she even had adequate brushes.  However, she didn't know how to use all of them.  This is where I come into play.  I showed her some basic techniques which she was able to duplicate with me guiding her along the way.

We started the makeup lesson with a basic look for the day time.  We used neutrals - browns and golds to create a work appropriate look.  I did one half of the face and she did the other.

My client also really loved bright colors.  She wanted a cut the crease dramatic look.  We were running short on time, so I did a softer cut the crease, but kept the drama with the pigmented shadows.  Of course, you gotta rock a nude lip with dramatic eyes.

Stay tune for tomorrow's video - Michael's Haul!