Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sexy Smokey Eye Makeover

Hi Bellas,

A few weeks ago I made over a client who had turned 21 and was going out to her first real club. This is definitely an exciting event and of course we wanted something super hot and sexy. My client brought in a few pictures to choose from. This is definitely helpful so that I can gain an idea of what look to go for. I always ask clients to email or bring inspiration pics. I noticed a trend in her pictures – there were a lot of smokey eyes and dramatic lashes. After a brief consult, we decided to go for a shimmery silver smokey eye. My client wasn’t used to dramatic makeup so I thought the traditional charcoal smokey eye would be a good choice.

Evening Out Skin Tone
We also wanted to really work on evening out her skin tone and covering up blemishes. First, I used a correcting primer in green to cancel out any redness then I applied foundation and spot treated blemishes. Sometimes you’ll need to reapply concealer after you finished the entire look to make sure you get any stubborn spots. Just make sure to set the blemish with powder so the coverage will last. Just take a puff or wedge sponge and really press it into the skin.

Dealing with Spray Tans
My client just had gotten a spray tan but her face was a lot paler than her body. This is a challenge I’ve run into a few times with clients. Typically, if the client is showing skin around her chest and shoulders, you’ll want to match the face to that. However, I didn’t want to give her the same orange toned tint to her face as it would appear unnatural. Instead, I applied foundation as usual. Next, I stepped back and looked at her in my wall mirror to get an overall picture. I then added bronzer to just the outer edges of her face to give her that bronzed glow.

Plumping Lips
I also worked on defining my clients lips by using a pencil to slightly over draw the edges. I only like to overdraw at the very top so it won’t look too unnatural.  Next, just add a bit of shimmery lipgloss to the center of the lipness to give a plumping effect.  You can also put a bit of highlighter on the cupid's bow for extra fullness.

My client also just had her hair colored and blow out…gorgeous! Check out the pics.

Here’s What I Used (All MAC Unless Otherwise Specified):


-Graftobian oxyderm moisturizer
-Smashbox correcting primer in green
-Cinema Secrets foundation
-Graftobian powder
-Sculpting Powder in Sculpt
-dame blush
-light flush msf


-soft ochre paint pot
-pincurl e/s
-carbon e/s
-charcoal e/s
-idol eyes e/s
-blanc type e/s
-red cherry lashes
-Eve Pearl black mascara
-Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in blackest black

-Beurre liner
-client’s own lipstick
-luminary lipglass

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MaijuS said...

Looks amazing!!!

MJ said...

wow looks great!

mek-mek said...

She looks great.:)

Mayra said...

What a difference in the before and after! She looks good!

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Princesa Livia said...

You did an amazing job! :) xx


jojoba (My Makeup Reviews) said...

wow the transformationis amazing!

Louzee said...

God damn. In a totally non-insulting way, she really needed some major coverage on her acne. Hey, out of curiosity, do you ever suggest skin care tips to your clients? Whether their skin is acne prone, dry, uneven, etc. do you ever gently tell them some tips that can help them out? As a teenager, I had pretty nasty dandruff and a hairdresser suggested I use so on and so forth. She wasn't trying to sell products from her salon, she was simply offering me ideas that may some my problem. I want to know if you do the same. That is a great transformation though.

Louzee said...


Crystal.S said...

Amazing transformation! She looks hot!

* swtexcape * said...

Wow, I keep looking back and forth between the BEFORE and AFTER pictures. You did such an amazing job!! I'm a new follower of your blog - love it! :) xo


Adore Me Beauty said...

ooooooo to be 21 again...she looks so psyched, i bet she was totally loving the look you gave her and was so excited. Good job Ren, she looks amazing..

I'm a newbie to the blogosphere, check me out and I would be so honored if you like it and subscribed.


thanks RenRen:)

Angela said...

she looks beautiful! great transformation

Laine Moore said...

Awesome look!

What concealer did you use? You really covered her blemishes well! Was it just the CS foundation?

Melissa said...

Wow the difference is incredible! She looks amazing. Great job!


Heather Becker said...

Hope she had a great night!!

audgepodge said...

Gorgeous! Your client must have been thrilled :D