Makeup Kit Must-Have: Hand-Held Mirrors

Hi Bellas,

Back with another review! The company Brush Love contacted me to review some of their hand held mirrors and has offered a special discount for my readers.  I was sent these three mirrors to review. Here are my thoughts:

I love how these brushes come in super bright, fun colors.  That's totally my style.  They also come in various shapes from small squares and circles to large rectangle.  One side is a regular mirror and the other side is a magnifying mirror.  This is a plus since my two hand held mirrors in my kit currently only have one side - then again, I got mine at the dollar store, lol.  The plastic is also really sturdy...some of my mirrors are a little thin and I can see them snapping if I'm not careful.  Not so with these as the entire width of the mirror is 1/2 an inch thick.  You can also feel the weight on these...that's a good thing.

These mirrors range from $9.98 to $10.98.  The price is a little more than the average hand held mirror...but you're paying for a higher quality product.  If you do any kind of makeup, a hand-held mirror is an absolute must-have.  These are essential for doing up close work like lining your eyes or grooming your eyebrows.  I always carry a separate hand held mirror in my professional kit.  I give my clients the mirror to look at the progress of the look if they request it, and then at the end to see the final result. 

Not only can you use these as handheld mirrors but they can be used as desktop/tabletop mirrors as well.  Just flip the handle to a horizontal position and you're good to go.  These are a must-have for the office.  In my corporate life, I make sure to have a mirror right next to my computer.  That way, I can see if there are any lurkers behind me, lol.  This is also a good option if you can't hold the mirror while doing makeup and you need a hands free option.

COUPON CODE! is now extending Cyber Monday just for Makeup By Ren Ren readers! They have brushes, hot hair tools and more than just mirrors.

Go to Brush Love and type in “blog45” for a 45% discount and a free compact mirror. Please note that this offer expires on 12/4 and does not apply to the Mason Pearson and Magic Ionic brands.

Happy Shopping!  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

***Note:  Per FTC regulations, this review was sponsored by a company that has provided complimentary goods.  No monetary compensation has been received.  This review has been given with a fair and unbiased opinion.