Happy Friday!

Hi Bellas!

I have all the entries for the Name My Domain Contest (dang why didn't I think of that title earlier) and thank you so much for participating! I had a lot of great entries. You guys are so clever! This weekend my boyfriend and I will go over the entries and announce the winner on Monday.

TGIF Right? I have a couple of things going on this weekend which should be fun.

Friday: This evening I'm going with my best friend and crew to do a bridesmaid dress fitting/try-on...my first wedding as a bridesmaid!

Saturday: I'm doing a wedding from 11pm to 3:30. Nine faces to makeover yikes! Luckily I have an assistant to help me out. The bride is so sweet. I made her a face chart which I meant to post today but I didn't have a chance to take a picture. We're actually using the Cult of Cherry quad for her night-time wedding look. After that, I'm doing a fashion show and leaving straight from the wedding to arrive there by 4pm. It should be fun...I'm using my Cult of Cherry products once again to achieve a dark lip look for this fall collection.

Sunday: I'm doing a bridal consultation for an Indian wedding, yay! I've been wanting to do arabic themed makeup for a while. I can get a little more creative with with this kind of makeup. The bride wants to try airbrush makeup...should be fun!

Besides that I need to do some major laundry and cleaning, lol. Any big plans this weekend?