Thursday, September 11, 2008

Contest Update!

Hi Bellas,

I just spoke with Beth of Stars Makeup Haven.Com and she has offered to sponsor my contest. Yay! That means more goodies and incentive for you guys to participate.

She also informed me that she is offerring a discount of 15% off of $35 or more ~ using the code KABUKI. Beth just got in a new shipment of brushes and she's giving you a discount to celebrate.

For those unfamiliar with Stars Makeup Haven...they have everything from empty eyeshadow tins for pigment pressing, and every single MAC pigment sample, lipstick sample that you can think of. I've purchased from them in the past with no complaints.

Here's a vid I did back in the day of some products I received from them...and some products the winner may receive as well!

Remember, the deadline is Thursday by 11:59pm. Good luck!


Anne @ said...

I don't really use MAC wipes, but when I do, I kinda find the smell a little overbearing. I only have used the wipes when I do swatches at the store LOL. the one I'm using right now however doesn't have a smell to it and it doesn't give a greasy film afterwards. but it really gets the job done. I thought it worked better than Lancome Bifacil in my opinion. The Mandom just has a sucky bottle which will be my minor rant about it.

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

I've ordered from her before! shes really nice too

Tammy M said...

I have used this website, I likey!
What part of Orlando are you from???? I am going next weekend to celebrate my out!

jeSmakeup said...

you have really good youtube videos =)