New hair and more!

Hi Yall,

So as promised, I'm showing off my new hair in this video. I had just come from the wedding gig, so I had it up in a poof. I just need my hair semi-up when i'm doing makeup so it doesn't get in the way. I probably should have shown it when it was recently done, but she didn't finish my hair till 1am the night before and I fell asleep immediately. Well not immediately, because I had to pack last minute things into my kit for the wedding...and thennnnn I fell asleep.

I'm also modeling my new Makeup By RenRen shirt...courtesy of the BF. It was one of those regular t-shirts and for some reason I have an aversion to t-shirts with high necks/crew necks. It makes me feel claustrophobic. So I cut off the neck of the shirt as well as the cut off part of the sleeves to make it more 80's style.