Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MAC Pro Haul

Hi Bellas,

So I was finally able to head down to the MAC Pro Store in Orlando over 4th of July Weekend. You all know I've been preparing for this trip, making lists for weeks! I prefer buying things in person over online so I can swatch and ask the MUA questions. Let's say I definitely stocked up, lol. I spent more than I wanted to...but that's not something I haven't said before when it comes to MAC, lol.

I tried to get only Pro items since I have a freestanding store that is two minutes away from me and the closest Pro store in 7 hours away. I had to film the video twice so I could try to get it in the time limit!

I've only posted swatches on my blog, not the video, so my blogging beauties get a little something extra!

While I was at the store, I was helped by a really great MA named Fawn. She was really knowledgeable and you know she was Asian too ;) She answered my gazillion questions and I learned a lot of new things from her.

My new brushes! The 174 pro brush and the brush that's about to be discontinued...sorry I can't remember the number and I'm writing this at work, lol.

My new 15 pan eyeshadow palette. From left to right, the pro eyeshadows: deep damson, cobalt, soot, rose, ground brown, lime.

Swatches of the eyeshadow. Swatched dry with no base. One swipe of the finger. These are the softest eyeshadows ever. I understand why they're pro eyeshadows because they're easier to blend than some of the other finishes. Left to right: deep damson, cobalt, soot, rose, ground brown, lime

Swatches of new pro blushes and sculpting powders. First three are blushes: housewine, burnt pepper, azalea. Last three are the sculpting powders: Sculpt, Shadester, and Definitive. I tried to get a range of sculpting powders to suit a variety of my clients. I use these all the time now! Definitive is an awesome color for darker skin tones. Sorry but I accidentally deleted the picture of the blush palette with everything in it, he he.

MAC pro lashes in #12, #8, #10. I got two of each since they don't sell these in the normal stores.

MAC Pro lipsticks: violetta, sin, lady danger. Behind them, you'll see the cream colour bases in black and white.

EZR eye zone remoisturizer (great as an eye cream as well as a glitter adhesive), Face and Body Mixing Medium (I use these to mix my foundations and make them budge can also use them with pigments for body painting), Water Based Mixing Medium (for foiling my pigments and eyeshadows), Multi-Purpose clear gloss

White gold pigment (great for highlighting right underneath your eyebrow arch). Reflects pearl glitter-the best multipurpose glitter, and invisible pro set powder. This is the only translucent powder that I've tried that doesn't give an ashy finish to some darker skin tones.

MAC cleansing tips--good for quick clean ups. Just take off the packaging and you have a pre-moistened makeup remover q-tip.

So check out my vid on all the goodies I got!


rmcandlelight said...


You got some really nice stuff from my mac store that I go to. I will check out your video:)

Seymone said...

Hey Ren Ren.. U live all the way up there by the PRO store in Georgia.. Girl that is a trek to downtown ATL. Can u be so kind and swatch sin and lady danger? I am thinking about buying those.I have and love all those eyeshadows, there is something about pro shadows.

I love Violetta. What lipliner would u use for Violetta on someone NW50? The only thing with Violetta is I have to do to much like use violet lipmix to sheer it out a bit..

Yes love, White gold is the bomb. Looks good on camera too.. I need to check out EZR. I just started fast response eye cream and I loves it.

I love the Pro set powder and being a dark skin black woman u hit it right on the head no ash.. It reminds me of makeup forever HD powder just not as soft.

Girl we need to chat.. I am trying to decide which state I want to move to between GA and FL. FL has the advantage of the PRO store and beaches but I consider GA to be my home. Damn girl I done wrote a story.. Later nice haul..

beautyaddict1one1 said...

Nice Haul
I looove lady danger is so amazing one of my favorite i use it a lot
Violetta is amazing color for fall
i'm so into strong color but not these days cause it's summer lipgloss is the better

MakeupByRenRen said...

rmcandlelight: thanks!

seymone: hey hon...i dont think there's a pro store in georgia...but i love close to the freestanding store by perimeter mall...i'll definitely swatch sin and lady danger...i like plum lipliner with violetta...i think it blends in perfectly.

i actually like fast response better than EZR cuz EZR is a lil sticky but it's good for holding glitter, which I like...even though i haven't tried it yet, lol.

i'm a florida girl too you know...i love both! i think atlanta has a lot of exciting opportunities though that i couldnt find in florida...but if you're in miami that's also a hot spot...decisions decisions!

beautyaddict: yup violetta is definitely good for the fall...i'm still going to rock it tomorrow though, lol

Fei said...

I was just thinking, "I didn't know MAC carried pre-moistened Q-tips." only to realize it's PRO. lol. I guess I was never bitten that badly by the MAC bug, because I've yet to own anything from MAC PRO!

Good stuff as always!

CoutureCarrie said...

I totally need to get some false lashes asap!!

Nic Nic said...

wow awesome MAC haul, some major haulage going on there, it's definitely worth the car journey!

Vanessa said...

Lovely haul! Crazy how much of our money we give into that place! lol

MakeupByRenRen said...

fei: girl i got bit bad, lol...thank god i have my pro discount...cuz i think that's why i get most of my stuff from them since it's cheaper now

couturecarrie: yes you do! everybody lovessss them once they try them...

nic nic: lol yup i always make sure i go to that store when i'm in orlando, lol

nessa: i know right! dagnabit, lol...i'm trying to B2M as many items as possible from the starflash collection

Tracy said...

nice haul! i've actually never stepped foot in mac pro store, let alone ANY mac store, though i do pass by the counters at the department stores frequently. :D

Seymone said...

Sorry meant to say freestanding store. I went to Phipps Plaza because I thought they had tHE freestanding MAC only to find out I had to drive to Perimeter Mall.

The upside to GA is that I still have some contacts when it comes to makeup.. Going to Fl is like starting from scratch.. I dont know.

It all depends on the law school that going to give me the most financial aid.

mandilicious said...

i'm so jealous!..that's a great HAUL!..i want all the shadows and that brush!..

and yes my NC 42 twin! i want to ne darker though, maybe NC 45-ish..hehe..

btw, Congratulations with everything that's been going on with your career as a Make-Up artist!'ve been a very busy lady!I remember a few months ago you wrote something about, you still building your traincase for clients, and here you are booking gigs left and right!..YAY!good job woman!

Askmewhats said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the stuffs you showed!!!! I am drooling so bad I have to wipe my keyboard :P

May Nguyen said...

I love coming to your blog! Its always entertaining.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

whoaaa... SUPER nice haul. i'm jealous. i want a MAC pro card now but i know i can't get one because i don't have any documentation or anything to back me up on that. hahaha.

Mrs. Lynne, said...

nice haul sis! sooo drooling.

Tammy M said...

OOohhh, nice haul! I cannot wait until Sept when I get to go to MAC Pro in Orlando! Never been to a pro store, they built that mall after I moved, not nice!