Hi Bellas,

Sorry I've been totally MIA. Like I mentioned...I am currently settling into my new apartment.

I just moved in last week so I’m still furnishing the apartment with furniture, décor, having the BF nail things into the wall…you get the deal. My hours after work are usually dedicated to running to Ikea, Target, Michaels…then coming up and unpacking or installing. With that said…I haven’t had all that much time to get to blog posting. But mind you, I think about my videos and blog on the regular. By next week I should be back on track…I plan on posting two videos a week as well as regular blog entries.

In the meanwhile…here’s what I’m working on:
-review of pencil me in cosmetics eye pencils
-look and tutorial for M.A.C Naughty Nauticals collection
-how to apply liquid eyeliner video (done! I will probably post this in the next week)
-updated bridal makeup entry with photos from the last gig (I received the pics, I’ll post to blog soon!)
-quick review and haul on M.A.C Dazzleglass

Stay tuned!