M.A.C Naughty Nauticals Haul and Look

A look I created using Naughty Nauticals:

Do you guys like? I was inspired by the promo pic to do this look...all products

used from the Naughty Nauticals line...




I actually took this picture a few weeks ago when buzz was filling up specktra about this collection....I really really liked the promo pic and was inspired to do a look using permanent line colors. Looking at this pic now makes me realize that I could probably done without submarine e/s as it can be easily duped by freshwater e/s or blue calm e/s (pro). However...the red lipstick I used (classic dame) just isn't the same as the Port Red lipstick from the Naughty Nauticals collection...it lacks that extra frosty effect.

Sorry to trick you guys, but you can check out an actual look and swatches below :)

Here are swatches of the lip products: from left to right, bateaux l/g, love knot l/g, port red l/s, and brick red liner. The liner is not part of the collection but it's a great one to match...too bad the camera didn't pick up the blue reflective quality of the love knot lipgloss...it's gorgeous!

Next are the e/s and pigment swatches. Top left to right: submarine e/s and meet the fleet e/s. Bottom left to right: mutiny pigment and shore leave e/s. Mutiny pigment is definitely the star of these four...there isn't really a color on the MAC line similar to it. Also, I was suprised how much I liked shore leave...it's such a pretty shimmery cream color with a great smooth texture.

Can you guess which one is submarine e/s? It's on the top left. Next to it is freshwater e/s and below is blue calm e/s. You can see that it's a little darker than the other two but I think you could carry off the same effect with either of the three.

This is a look I did last Thursday using the collection. For real this time! I mainly used shore leave, submarine, and meet the fleet eyeshadows. I then used Port Red lipstick and Brick lipliner. It's a pretty dramatic look...blue eyes and red lips? You kind of have to be a little brave to wear it. I haven’t quite decided if this is the look I’ll be doing for my tutorial quite yet. But in the meantime, I thought I’d post anyways! The lightning in my new apartment is a lot less yellow so many have said that colors show up more true to life. Hopefully this will be better for you guys!

Here’s what I used (All MAC unless otherwise stated):

-elf brown eyeliner on brows
-soft ochre paintpot
-shore leave e/s
-mutiny pigment
-submarine e/s
-meet the fleet e/s
-revlon colorstay liquid liner in blackest black
-smolder eye kohl
-shiseido mascara base
-max 2000 calorie mascara

-mineralized satinfinish foundation in NC42
-msf natural in medium dark
-sculpt 7 shape duo in lightsweep/shadester
-true romantic beauty powder blush

-brick lipliner
-port red lipstick

Look how gorgeous this lipstick is! The key to a great red lip is to take your time in lining your lips with a matching red lipliner.

For those of you who wanted something a bit more tame...I mixed it up and wore baby sparks dazzleglass...but looking back I think I still needed something with a bit more color...

Lastly, I posted this video Thursday or Friday to my you tube page. It’s a quick video on my Naughty Nauticals Haul. Overall, I do think this collection has some nice products for everyone. It’s not exactly something to get Hype about…I think I’m more looking forward to Cool Heat and Neo Sci-Fi.

In the video, I’m rocking my super faded makeup that the MUA did for me at M.A.C. It looks kind of crazy in the video, lol, but it had been a long day!