My Beauty Secrets Revealed...

Hi Bellas,

I was doing my daily blog read through…and I came across Mrs. Lynne’s page. She always has the best posts! I saw her latest post on her top Beauty Secrets revealed…I thought it would be fun to play. See mine below:

My Foundation: MAC Mineralized Satinfinish Foundation in NC42 or MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark (used alone for lighter coverage or to set the mineralized satinfinish foundation)

My Mascara: right now I’m using Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara…it’s alright…I think I like Diorshow better though.

My Blush: MAC Beauty Powder Blush in True Romantic-same as Mrs. Lynne! This is the perfect everyday cheek color.

My Eyeshadow(s):
I loveeeee my bright MAC eyeshadows…some of my favorites are blue calm, stars and rockets, freshwater, passionate…but it’s also great to have some basics…Carbon! It turns any eyeshadow dramatic and smokey in an instant…llama-great for adding to a brush and blending out harsh lines…shroom and naked lunch—awesome highlight colors! I also loveeeee my Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow palette…can’t go wrong with these silky smooth bright colors.

My Day Cream(s): Cetaphil Moisturizer—the thick kind in the tub…I use this day and night…I just use a little less during the day…I also use Lush’s dream cream when my neck gets all itchy…it’s sooooo soothing.

My Lipstick(s): I mainly stick to my MAC! Bare slimshine, Viva Glam V, 4N, Lollipop Loving…these are my everyday…I also love my bright ones…Port Red, Fun N Sexy, Hollywood Nights

My Beauty Product Brand(s): MAC, Urban Decay, Smashbox, Graftobian, Cinema Secrets, Camera Ready Cosmetics

My Essential Beauty Product: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner in blackest black…it’s been holding me down since High School…love it! Brushes! They really make or break your makeup application…Primers…ever since I discovered these (paint pots, paints, shadesticks) my makeup, especially eyeshadow, has never been more vibrant!

My Favorite Makeup Product(s): Eyeshadow definitely

My Perfume: Oh my gosh I can’t even remember…it’s the one where it’s the shape of the woman’s body without a head…but that’s only for going out…I actually don’t really wear perfume all that much…or I’ll switch it up and wear my sugar one from Aquolina…for daytime use I’ll use my Victoria Secret one that smells like cotton candy

My Nails: ehhhh N/A lol. I just cut and file…I don’t have the patience to keep them painted because hands chip so easily…and I definitely wouldn’t get acrylics…they’re just not me. I usually only get them painted for special occasions….my mom gave me good genes so my nails are thick and usually grow long without breaking…too bad I don’t capitalize on it!

My Feet: Sighhh…I really need a pedicure…I used to do this religiously…now I just try to keep them moisturized and I’ve been using hot pink and fuscia nail polish I got from Sallys.

My Hands: anything I can get my hands on…tee hee….no pun intended…I just like any lotion that’s not too greasy or smelly…I alwayssss have hand sanitizer in my purse…sometimes your hands just feel dirty!

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: moisturizer w/spf, water, and aquaphor…I gotta keep my skin intact…honestly if i’m on a dessert island I don’t need makeup, lol.

Woman I admire for their beauty: I most admire women whose beauty shines from the inside…because if you’re a nasty person…I don’t care if you’re genetically blessed with supermodel looks…your inner ugliness overshadows…

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Hmmmm…that’s a tough one…I admire a lot of women for their style…I like both glamour and funky styles…I notice my style is venturing into more funky to go with the whole new makeup artist vibe…if I could get hot pink streaks in my hair I would!

My Ultimate Dream: To be happy…live happily ever after with my man…kids…house…my family and friends near…and quit corporate slavery and own my own makeup empire!

How Do I Define Womanhood: Limitless…we can do anything we want…we have the tact, intelligence, beauty and grace to pull it off…

My Favorite Fashion Publication(s): Cosmo, Glamour, Essence, Beauty Mags…recently have subscribed to Audrey…an Asian American woman’s magazine…makes me feel happy to stay connected to the Asian Community.

Now it's your turn!